How to prevent melanoma

The skin care It is essential whenever we go out on the street, and not only when we sunbathe on the beach or in the pool. In this sense, the skin cancer is characterized by being a type of cancer actually easy prevention, as long as the appropriate protection and prevention advice is followed, basically because if we do not protect our skin, the risk of suffering skin cancer increases considerably and dangerously, given that prolonged and continuous exposure to the sun's rays becomes a risk of getting this type of cancer.

Among the different and different types of skin cancer, the melanoma It is characterized by being one of the most serious, since it is the cause of the majority of deaths related to skin cancer, mainly because it is highly invasive, because it has a great capacity to generate metastasis, and because of its rapid growth, hence the only effective medical treatment is Surgical resection of the primary tumor before it reaches a thickness greater than 1 millimeter.

What is melanoma?

With the name of melanoma a series of melanic or pigmented tumors are known, which generally originate in the skin (they are known in this case as cutaneous melanoma), although they can also arise on other surfaces of the body, such as the choroid layer inside the eyes, or on the mucosa of the mouth, vagina or rectum.

It originates from melanocytes, which are cells responsible for the development of a pigment known as melanin, responsible for our skin color, hair and iris of the eyes. That is to say, melanoma appears when the melanocyte cells become malignant.

Melanoma prevention: useful tips

We must bear in mind that The sun is the main risk factor for the development of melanoma. Therefore, it is essential to follow a series of helpful tips and of basic measures every time we expose ourselves to the sun's rays.

Uses sunscreen

The use of sunscreen It is always of vital importance, especially when we use a suitable solar photo-protector according to our skin phototype. It's fundamental Apply sunscreen before sun exposure, as well as renew it frequently, especially if we are on the beach or in the pool, and even more after each bath.

Avoid the most intense hours

Throughout the day there are certain hours in which the ultraviolet rays tend to be more aggressive, since they affect more directly on our body. Exposure must be avoided between 12:00 and 16:00, Besides that the sun exposure should always be progressive, even more if they are the first days when we begin to sunbathe in the year.

Dry well after bath

Every time you leave the water of the sea or the pool it is very important that you dry well after each bath. Why? Fundamentally because it produces what is known as Magnifying effect of water drops, which favors the appearance of sunburn, while decreasing the effectiveness of sunscreens (even when they are resistant to water).

Protect your eyes and head

Even if you use a sunscreen properly, and renew it frequently, we can not forget about our eyes and our head. It's fundamental use caps as well as sunglasses with approved glasses, capable of filtering both UVA and UVB rays.

Hydrate yourself properly

Even though, by itself, it is not an advice for the prevention of melanoma, you should hydrate properly and drink plenty of water and often, since the sun dehydrates our body with extreme ease. In this sense, you should watch especially children and the elderly, whose need for water is even more important.

Keep a special care with children

It is very important not to expose children under three years of age to direct sunlight., and avoid the most dangerous hours of the day. Even when you go to the beach with the children in the weakest hours of the day, it is essential to protect your skin with a high protection sunscreen. In addition, every time you bathe in the water it is essential to protect them with a dry and opaque shirt.


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