How to prevent mosquito bites in summer

Imagine the scene: you are sitting comfortably and peacefully on the terrace of your apartment overlooking the sea, which you have rented with all the excitement of the world to enjoy your long-awaited and awaited vacation. It's 20 hours and it starts to get dark. But, suddenly, an annoying buzz begins to appear, and what was once a quiet moment becomes a nightmare. You make a fuss, with the intention of pushing it away, but the mosquito becomes a strong one and gets you inside the apartment.

Probably it is a scene that, every evening, is repeated in many places of our country during the summer months, especially in the coastal or mountainous areas of the interior.

And although they are apparently harmless insects, and although in our country there are no mosquitoes that are capable of transmitting chronic diseases, it is true that their bites end up being tremendously annoying.

There are ways to prevent mosquito bites, especially in the summer months, as they tend to proliferate more in humid and warm environments. We present you some tips below.

Tips to prevent mosquito bites easily

  • Beware of the most common hoursMosquitoes usually make an appearance, especially between dusk and dawn, when they usually bite.
  • Avoid certain areas: such as flower gardens, garbage bins or rafts with water.
  • Beware of smells!: sweet smells and perfumed soaps, like hair sprays, tend to attract mosquitoes. It is best to avoid them as much as possible.

  • Get away from the light: since the mosquitoes come to light, try to keep the light off if you are in a room and you have the window open. The same advice can be useful for when you are on a terrace or on a balcony.
  • The air conditioning and the fans are your allies: both prevent the appearance of mosquitoes. If you do not have air conditioning at home or in the apartment where you are, try to use fans; It will help you to move them away.
  • Oh, blessed mosquito netsAbove all, they are really useful when you are at home and place them in the advantages, since not only will mosquitoes prevent them, but any other insect.

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Tips For Avoiding Mosquitoes (HD) (July 2022)