How to prevent the spread of seasonal flu

The prevention of seasonal influenza is possible as long as basic hygiene habits are followed. We reveal the simplest tips that will help you prevent the spread of seasonal flu.

The arrival of autumn It means not only the passage from a hot season to one in which it is already beginning to be cold and bad weather begins in turn. It also assumes the dreaded arrival of one of the most common infectious diseases during these months: the so-called seasonal flu.

Although it is true that common flu is present practically at any time of the year, it is during the cold periods of autumn or winter when the well-known seasonal epidemic, which makes an appearance in the temperate regions.

Although anyone can become infected with the flu, there are certain risk groups to which they should be administered. flu vaccine, especially because they have a higher risk of serious or serious complications.

Although the vaccine is a useful medical option to reduce the risk of contagion, it is also essential to know that there are certain tips that help prevent the flu in a completely natural, healthy and healthy way.

How to prevent the spread of seasonal flu

First of all, it can be very helpful to know how increase defenses, which will help you strengthen the immune system in a natural and healthy way.

In any case, contagion is prevented above all by maintaining basic hygiene habits, such as those we propose in the following lines:

  • Wash your hands regularly, especially several times a day, especially when you sneeze or cough over them, or every time you go outside.
  • Cover your mouth or nose when you go to cough or sneeze.
  • Try to always use disposable tissues, and then put them in a plastic bag, throwing them away immediately.
  • Try coughing or sneezing in the crook of your elbow, which keeps your hands clean and helps keep other people from getting the flu.
  • Ventilate daily the rooms, the common spaces and the house itself.
  • Frequently clean surfaces and those objects of common use.
  • Follow a balanced diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. They will help you maintain good health and increase your defenses.
  • Practice physical exercise regularly.

If despite following these basic hygiene tips you get the flu, you need to know that your symptoms usually disappear within a week. Otherwise, it is advisable to go to your doctor to prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

In case you find yourself inside the risk groups, do not hesitate to go to your usual medical center to get vaccinated.

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