How to protect the skin from the cold in autumn and winter

Surely you will know that both in autumn and winter it is necessary to redouble the care of our skin, since the cold affects our skin leaving it dry, taut, and without luminosity. To avoid all this, we bring you some beauty tips on how to protect the skin from the cold in autumn and winter.

The loss of hydration of our skin is the most frequent consequence of low temperatures. Therefore, not only in summer should we take care of hydration since, in fact, it is in the winter when more water loses our skin.

What causes dehydration? The cold causes the vasoconstriction of the capillaries, which makes cell renewal slower. The greater proportion of dead cells in the epidermis makes it difficult for the sebaceous secretion to lubricate and nourish the upper layer of our skin.

Other factors contribute to the dehydration of the skin in autumn and winter, such as the low humidity of the environment due to heating.

The concrete effect is to leave our skin more dry and sensitive. Consequently, it causes a decrease in elasticity, which is the origin of wrinkles. In some more sensitive cases it can even generate peeling or redness in the cheeks (consequence of sudden temperature changes).

Tips to clean the face in winter

In winter we must take care of the daily routine of cleaning and hydrating our skin, in order to maintain the hydrolipidic layer at its proper point.

Daily cleaning is vital for the care of our face, since it allows us to eliminate traces of contamination, dust, residues of cosmetics, sweat, sebaceous secretion and keratinized cells. It is advisable to do the cleaning when we wake up and before going to bed to remove the makeup and remove these impurities from our skin.

Some recommendations to keep in mind for cleaning our face:

  • Use a mild cleanser, with no soap content. The recommended ones are recommended for sensitive skin.
  • Read the product specifications. Opt for cleansers based Syndets or non-ionic or amphoteric surfactants and with acidic euddermic pH (it is not recommended to use neutral pH) between 5 and 5.5 is ideal.
  • Remove the cleaner from the rest using a slightly moistened towel.
  • Avoid washing the face frequently as this can be counterproductive, increasing the drying of the skin.
  • Incorporate a tonic into our cleaning routine, applying it between the cleansing cosmetic and other treatment products that we use. In this way we can recover the natural pH of our skin.
  • For those that have thick or oily skin it is recommended to gently exfoliate the skin periodically. This will reduce the accumulation of dead cells, which give an opaque and grayish appearance.

Other tips to protect the skin from the cold

We must take care of maintaining hydrated and nourished the skin, applying once a day moisturizing cream (for very dry skin, do it two or three times a day). It is also important to apply some cosmetic for the eye contour since the dermis is more delicate in the periocular area.

Another tip to keep in mind is to protect from the cold this area with sunglasses when we go outside that favor regeneration.

Finally, to be able to take maximum care of our skin during the autumn and winter, it is recommended to apply regenerating cosmetics before going to sleep to stimulate the regeneration processes of our skin. ThemesWinter Autumn Fur

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