How to recover lost proteins during physical exercise

Every time an athlete finishes the competition or the training, as many professionals of the sport and also of health think, it is very important recover lost proteins, so that your muscles do not degrade or lose their conditions. They help the process of building and repairing muscles.

Hence, the importance of ingestion of carbohydrates after sports practice, and complement it - above all - with high quality proteins. This is a fundamental recommendation, especially if we take into account that in this way we will get the muscles to recover and we will also replace the proteins lost during sports.

Obviously, it is also necessary and essential to take into account the correct replacement of liquids, which helps in a positive way to facilitate the correct elimination of residues of protein metabolism through urine, which if accumulated turn out to be toxic.

According to many experts, the combination of carbohydrates and proteins is more advisable when it comes to replenishing muscle glycogen, much more than consuming only foods rich in protein.

Hence, a usually advisable option is to combine legumes with whole grains, since when they are combined and combined they give rise to good quality proteins. An example of an ideal recipe are rice + lentils, or lentils + nuts and dairy products. In this sense, on the other hand, skim milk is equally rich in amino acids. However, some recommended combination options can be:

  • Pasta with tomato sauce and meat.
  • Sandwich or sandwich of turkey or ham.
  • Milk with cereals or nuts.
  • Yogurt with cereals or nuts.

On the other hand, also many nutritionists specialized in sports nutrition advise the consumption of proteins not only after, but before physical exercise.

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