How to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome with medicinal plants

As Premenstrual syndrome you know the symptoms prior to the onset of the menstrual period or menstruation and the causes that could cause these symptoms are still unknown, although it is known that it is due to a combination of biological, psychological, social and cultural factors.

These symptoms usually They usually appear in the second phase of the menstrual period, this includes between day 14 and day 28 and tend to disappear when menstruation begins.

Many women go through this premenstrual period without knowing, without suffering discomfort, however for other women these days are a real ordeal, going through this period before menstruation quite badly.

The symptoms associated with this syndrome are: tenderness in the breast, abdominal swelling, weight gain, pain in the lower abdomen, headache, uterine cramps, nervousness, decay, lack of concentration, sadness, anxiety, fatigue, fatigue, loss of sleep.

One in two women suffers from these discomforts during their fertile period and as a result of fluid retention there are women who can gain up to 3 kilos of weight, a weight that returns to normal once the days of the period are over and decreases fluid retention.

All these symptoms translate into emotional as well as physical alterations that, in the case of some women, can even affect their normal rhythm of life.

As we have said before, the exact causes that could produce this syndrome are still unknown but there are a number of factors that could contribute to its appearance.

Factors such as:

  • Imbalance between the amount of estrogen and progesterone, the amount of estrogen being higher.
  • Deficiencies in nutrition.
  • Deficiency or deficiency of vitamin B6.
  • Low levels of the following minerals: calcium and magnesium.
  • Psychological factors.

These discomforts can be alleviated or alleviated in a totally natural way, carrying out some healthy life habits in addition to resorting to natural remedies and a series of foods that can be of great help to prevent or improve the appearance of this syndrome.

Natural remedies that can help relieve premenstrual syndrome

We propose two wonderful medicinal plants that will help us to improve and alleviate each one of the associated symptoms and related to the premenstrual syndrome: the sagebrush and the yarrow, two powerful plants whose benefits are very useful at the time of diminishing their most common signs.


The medicinal properties of this plant are indicated both for relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome to relieve the discomfort of menstruation, is recommended to balance the menstrual cycle, anxiety, irritability or bad mood, helping you to sleep.

The benefits of artemisia are increased when we mix it with other medicinal herbs such as calendula, tarragon, and licorice.

To alleviate and prevent these symptoms we will elaborate an infusion when we need it in the following way.

How to make the sagebrush infusion

With these herbs we will prepare a mixture in equal parts, same amount of all the herbs, stir to mix them well.

The preparation will be one tablespoon of this mixture for each cup of water to be prepared.

In a saucepan put a cup of water to heat and once it is boiling add a tablespoon of mixture of these herbs, keep boiling 2 minutes, turn off the heat, cover the infusion and let it sit for about 10 minutes.

We uncover the infusion, we strain it and let it cool to take it.

If you prefer we can sweeten it with a little brown sugar, stevia or a splash of honey.

This infusion can be taken two or three times a day 10 days before menstruation and until the menstruation ends.


It is a medicinal plant used since ancient times for gynecological uses, with anti-inflammatory properties, to regulate the menstrual cycle, to relieve dysmenorrhea and menstrual hemorrhages. The yarrow is considered as the woman's allied plant.

In order to benefit from all its properties and improve these symptoms we can make an infusion with this wonderful plant.

How to make the infusion of yarrow

To prepare the infusion of yarrow we will need a spoonful of yarrow for each cup of water that we need to prepare.

In a saucepan put a cup of water to heat and when it is boiling add the tablespoon of yarrow, turn off the heat, cover the infusion and let the infusion rest about 10 minutes.

We fill the infusion and sweeten to taste.

This infusion is advisable to take it twice a day.

We must take it 10 days before the onset of menstruation and continue taking it until the menstruation is over. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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