How to relieve shoe chafing with these natural remedies

Surely some time in your life you will have suffered some another scratch in any area of ​​your feet as a result of the friction of the footwear on the skin. In some areas of the foot the skin is very finite, especially the back part of the heel. The chafing can appear when we are premiering the footwear, and sometimes as a result of sweating or having swollen feet, over the end of the day or in summer.

For this reason it is always useful to follow some suitable advice that will help us to avoid that the annoying chafing by the use of new or little recommended shoes appear. Among these basic tips is essential that the size of the shoe is correct and, when choosing the shoe, we look at that it is as comfortable and soft as possible, that both the sides and the back of the shoe are not hard and look footwear that is in which both parties are flexible.

In case you have chosen a shoe that you liked a lot but that bothers you, you can apply a little moisturizing cream that will smear on the back and sides of the shoe, this will make that area of ​​the footwear soften. Another solution can be when it comes to closed shoe resorting to the pinkis (short socks below the ankle), or in ankle socks or up to the knee.

The Home remedy that we are going to facilitate, I must confess that it caught my attention, I must also say that I have tried it and it really has the desired effect. East Home remedy is prepared with the egg shell. But before trying to relieve the discomfort caused by chafing with the egg shell movie we must wash our feet well, and it is also possible to opt for another natural remedy such as, for example, the infusion of chamomile.

Natural tips to relieve the discomfort of shoe chafing

Chamomile infusion

A home remedy that comes in handy is to prepare an infusion of chamomile to wash the feet. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties.

Prepare an infusion with chamomile by following the steps below:


  • A liter of water.
  • 4 tablespoons of chamomile plant.


We put the water to boil in a heater. Once it boils, keep boiling about 3 minutes. Cover the infusion and let stand about 10 minutes. We strain the infusion and let it cool. Once it is cold we put the infusion in a basin or basin where our feet fit well.

We introduce the feet in the chamomile infusion and let the feet soak for about 8 minutes. We remove the feet and dry with a towel.


Next we will make the home remedy with eggshell to protect the blister. The film that has inside the eggshell is very useful to protect the chafing and to help improve it.

How to prepare an egg home remedy for footwear rubs

We will need:

  • From an egg, its shell.
  • A little strip.

We take the egg and we shell it, we extract everything from its interior. With care we are taking out the white film which is inside the shell. Once we have obtained the film we put it on the blister and hold it with a band aid. Then you can go back to put on any shoe without chafing or pain prevent it.

While you have the chafing and go to wash your feet it would be advisable that you keep a little infusion of chamomile and impregnate a cotton or gauze in chamomile and apply it on the chafing with care. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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