How to remove tapeworm or tapeworm in pork

They become one of the most feared intestinal worms, which can "live" with the person for long periods without causing any discomfort, or become a serious problem.

The one named as lonely (Taenia solium) are intestinal worms that live feeding on the small intestine of the primary host, and whose length tends to oscillate from a few millimeters to 9 meters long.

They have a head that also has some species of hooks, which adhere to the wall of the intestine. Its body is elongated and plate, formed by various rings that tend to be expelled to the outside when they defecate (each ring produces eggs by itself).

At the moment in which the person or mammal ingests these eggs, the larvae hatch in the intestine, encysting in some organ of the new host (secondary host).

The lonely: typical of pork

Although there are different kinds of tapeworm (the same as cows, fish or dog), one of the best known is that found in pork, which is popularly known as lonely.

It is a very widespread species in countries such as Central America, South America and Asia.

It consists of an intestinal worm, flat, which can reach between 2 to 5 meters long, and responsible for the you had (It occurs when eating raw infected meat when the encysted larvae hatch in the human intestine, producing new tapeworms) and the Cistercosis (It is produced when the eggs are ingested, so that the larvae that are born encyst in the organs of the body).

Symptoms of tapeworm or tapeworm

  • Abdominal pain and discomfort.
  • Irritation in the anal area.
  • Sickness.
  • Diarrhea (usually mild)
  • Constant expulsion of flatulence (gases).
  • Sensation of constant satiety.
  • Restlessness.

How to remove the lonely from pork?

Bearing in mind that one of the most common tapeworm or solitary infections is due to eat raw or undercooked meat from pork, it is essential to know how to eliminate the lonely of the pork.

For this, it is very important avoid raw meat. In addition, it is convenient cook the meat enough, at more than 60º C for at least 5 minutes.

It is also useful to freeze the meat at -20º C for 24 hours, which helps destroy the tapeworm's eggs.

Incidentally, it is appropriate to follow good hygiene and wash your hands after using the bathroom (especially public toilets), which prevents autoinfection in people already infected with tapeworms.

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Eradicating Pork Tapeworm Transmission (February 2023)