How to remove wrinkles naturally: 3 anti-aging masks

There is no doubt that there are masks that we can easily elaborate at home, with many benefits and uses in reality very varied. A good example are those that are commonly used to eliminate the facial hair, which in fact can also become nutritious masks and -in addition- provide qualities against wrinkles. And is that a anti-wrinkle mask it fulfills not only that function, but also many others.

The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is inevitable with the passage of time. However, you can fight the signs of aging in a completely natural way with homemade masks. It is not necessary that you subject your skin to chemicals or that you spend a lot of money on expensive creams; there are homemade masks with 100% natural ingredients that are very simple to prepare and apply and that have extraordinary results.

Below you can read the homemade anti-wrinkle masks that work best. Applying them two or three times a week, little by little you notice the much more luminous face, with the signs of age minimized and the skin with a smoother and more elastic appearance.

Papaya and oats

A homemade anti-wrinkle mask 100% effective, both to hide them and to prevent their appearance. On the one hand, papaya It has a lot of very beneficial properties for the skin. And, on the other hand, the oats acts as an exfoliant for remove dead skin cells and that prevent him from breathing normally.

To prepare this mask you need 1 tablespoon of papaya pulp and 1 tablespoon of oatmeal. Preparing it is very simple. First, in a glass bowl place the spoonful of oatmeal and then add the papaya pulp. Mix both ingredients well with a spoon until you get a homogeneous paste, without lumps.

With the face completely clean, apply the mask with the fingertips making circular movements, from the inside to the outside. Let act 15 minutes for the skin to absorb all the nutrients and remove with plenty of cold water. You can apply this homemade mask twice a week.

Banana and avocado

One of the best homemade masks to visibly attenuate wrinkles. As he banana As the avocado They are two fruits with many benefits for the skin. On the one hand, the banana is a great source of vitamins and minerals that help fight the effects that external agents cause on the skin. And on the other hand, the avocado provides fatty acids very important as Omega 3, which repairs the skin in an extraordinary way.

To prepare this mask you need ½ ripe avocado, ½ banana and 1 egg white; The egg exfoliates the skin to eliminate dead cells and in this way, it can breathe much better.

Preparing this homemade mask is very simple. The first thing is to extract the pulp of avocado and crush it in a container; you can do it manually, or with a blender. Add the banana and crush both ingredients until you get a smooth paste without lumps. Then, beat the egg white and add it to the banana and avocado paste and mix everything well.

With the skin of the face completely clean, apply the mask with the help of a brush. Let it act for about 25 minutes and then rinse with plenty of cold water. You can apply this mask 2 or 3 times a week.

Yogurt, honey and banana

One of the most effective homemade masks to fight against wrinkles with 100% natural ingredients. Its results are fantastic: it prevents the appearance of expression lines, provides a lot of hydration and acts as a protective shield so that external agents such as pollution or UV rays do not damage the skin.

As ingredients you need: ¼ cup of plain yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of orange juice and ¼ cup of banana. Preparing this mask is very simple. In a glass bowl, mash the banana with a fork. Then, add the natural yogurt and mix both ingredients until you get a creamy paste. Next, add honey and orange juice in this order. Mix all the ingredients until there is a homogeneous paste.

With the face completely clean, apply the mask with the fingertips or with a brush; what is most comfortable for you Let it act for 20 minutes and rinse with plenty of cold water. You can apply this mask 3 times a week. ThemesMasks Beauty recipes

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