How to soften naturally cracked heels with these remedies

When we tend to have dry or very dry skin it tends to crack, showing in certain parts and areas of our body. In this sense, the heels is the most common place, where cracks often appear when the skin is dry and when the surrounding skin is thick and callous.

While it is true that it is not a serious problem, much less worrying if it becomes an unpleasant situation, especially because these cracks can become irritated, causing pain. It is what is medical and also popularly known by the name of cracked heels.

We are, without a doubt, facing a common problem that affects the feet. Among its causes, in addition to neglecting the care of the feet, we must find it in the natural aging of our own skin, given that the cracked heels appear especially when the elasticity of the skin begins to diminish.

At the beginning, the most common is that the cracks do not pose any problem or discomfort beyond a mere aesthetic problem. But when the cracks or fissures start to get too deep, it is when the discomfort begins, since even the mere fact of standing can even cause pain.

Among the different causes that influence the heels are cracked not only must mention the existence of a dry skin, which can arise simply by nature, because the person is more likely to have this type of skin and finally predisposes to the formation of cracks . It can also be due to the presence of a callus around the heel that then cracks, or by factors that increase the pressure in the heel area: for example, walking, standing for a long time, the use of open footwear ...

Useful remedies to soften the heels naturally

Lemon scrub

The lemon can become a very interesting folk remedy when it comes to Exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin that is present in the heels, which in turn causes the skin to feel rough, rough and cracked.

To make this remedy you only need 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and half a cup of thick brown sugar. Split the lemon in half and squeeze it to get its juice. Then, in a bowl or bowl mix the 3 tablespoons of lemon juice with sugar.

At the moment of applying it you only have to moisten the feet and the area of ​​the heels, and massage yourself with the exfoliant always in circular movements. To finish, remove with warm water. If you wish, repeat every day until you notice that the skin has been soft because it has been renewed.

Coconut oil

If there is a very interesting natural product at the time of soften the skin naturally that's him coconut oil. It becomes an ideal option when it comes to Relieve cracked skin by also eliminating dead cells.

Since it tends to be a type of oil that usually clumps, the best thing is to try to heat a little in a bain-marie the container where it came from, until it is completely liquid.

Then, when you apply it on your heels, you only have to massage your feet before going to bed and put on socks, leaving it to work all night long.

Papaya mask

The papaya It is a wonderful tropical fruit, which applied to the skin helps to soften it naturally. Therefore it also becomes an ideal fruit to soften chapped skin, especially the cracks of the heels, to act also as a wonderful natural exfoliant, eliminating dead cells and renewing the skin.

You only have to crush a piece of fresh papaya until you get a kind of puree, and place it on the skin of the heels with gentle massages. After leaving for 15 minutes you should remove it with warm water.

Avocado and banana mask

In addition to the papaya we can also mention two ideal fruits for the skin, and useful to enjoy a beauty as natural as possible. It is the case of avocado and the banana, with which we can make a delicious mask useful to soften the cracked heels.

To prepare this mask you only have to crush a banana of small size and half an avocado, until you get a kind of cream. Stir it well, and apply it on your heels with gentle massages.

Then wrap your feet in water from a clear plastic wrap (of the kind you use to wrap the food), and leave for 30 minutes. Finally remove with warm water. You can repeat this process 4 times a week until the skin is completely smooth. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

How to Naturally Soften the Calluses on the Heel : Natural Beauty Tips (November 2023)