How to stop smoking: 10 useful tips for quitting tobacco

Smoking has become one of the main causes of death in humans. Due to the addiction caused by cigarettes, more and more people are exposed to cancer of the lung, larynx or mouth, cases that are already counted by millions according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

All this without mentioning that all the smoke coming from tobacco also causes passive smoking, making them exposed to all the negative effects that there are after the consumption of cigarettes in general.

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And you? Are you heavy smokers and want to put an end to this unhealthy habit once and for all? From NatureVia we are already very aware that it can be very difficult to carry out, especially when dealing with an addiction.

  • Consequences of tobacco for health

With determination and will it is possible to stop smoking

For this reason, through the following lines we will give you up to ten tips that are sure to be very useful. So you lose our attention because all this information is going to get you to gain in long-term quality of life:

  1. Set a definitive date to quit smoking. It is very important to be aware that after a certain time you will not smoke anymore. It will not be easy. But with determination and willingness on your part, you will surely get it.
  2. Stop looking for excuses to smoke. There are many people who argue that quitting smoking will only cause more stress and a considerable gain in weight. We do not need to tell you that quitting smoking will provide countless benefits for your health. And it depends on you to get them forgetting cigarettes once and for all.
  3. Lean on your friends and family. Your closest loved ones can become a great support when quitting. For this reason, it seems very important to let them know your decision.
  4. Stay hydrated at all times. Water is one of those great allies if you really want to stop smoking. This is because it will fill your stomach and take away a certain withdrawal syndrome. Drinking at least 1.5-2 liters a day will be more than enough.
  5. Daily and constant exercise. It also seems very important to exercise daily. In this way, we will stay fit and lose weight, something that will surely strengthen our self-esteem and give us the strength to abandon this unhealthy habit.
  6. Search for new hobbies and activities. It is very important that we keep our mind occupied just at the moment the withdrawal syndrome appears. Read a book, learn a language, sign up for theater ... any activity is good for combating smoking.
  7. Put yourself in the hands of the best professionals. There are more and more methods and medicines that can help you in this difficult task of quitting smoking. Among them, include hypnosis, workshops of smokers, or psychological talks. On the internet you have a lot of information about it.
  8. Avoid the temptations. To do this, you have to take away any ashtray or cigarette box from your sight. Minimize any direct or indirect contact with cigarettes in order not to fall into temptation.
  9. Avoid eating between meals. There are many people who do not want to stop smoking because they gain a lot of weight. To avoid it, avoid chopping between hours and at the same time take a healthy and balanced diet in all kinds of nutrients.
  10. Imagine what you can do with the money saved. A pack of cigarettes can cost perfectly € 4-5 today. Can you imagine what you could do with all that money saved for a whole year? From trips to other continents, weekend getaways and even occasional caprice. If they are all advantages !.
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Other 7 useful tricks to stop smoking

From a psychological point of view, there are many hypotheses that have been formulated about the motives that drive the person to acquire the habit of smoking.

In any case, there are some tricks to stop smoking that can be of some help. Take good note:

  1. Try to wait 10 to 15 minutes before lighting the cigarette.
  2. Smoke only with open or open windows
  3. Always try to buy little tobacco.
  4. Try to give less puffs on each cigarette.
  5. Smokes only half of the cigarette.
  6. Try not to attend those family meetings, friends or colleagues where you know you will smoke a lot.
  7. Check a few days to quit smoking.

Remember that the most important thing is to make the decision to give up smoking. In this sense, a good idea is to always take advantage of the moment when we are going to go on vacation, at which time we tend to be more entertained and do more physical exercise.

Is it true that quitting increases your weight?

It is true that quitting smoking only benefits the health of those who smoke. Because in this way they not only take care of their health and protect their respiratory system, but also because they prevent the appearance of one of the most dangerous consequences of tobacco: cancer.

But, in most people, quitting smoking can cause some negative consequences, such as stress, anxiety caused by tobacco addiction, and weight gain.

However, and answering the question of whether quitting increases weight, the truth is that quitting is not what increases in weight, but the anxiety caused by the addiction to tobacco, which can lead to the person eat excessively.

The advisable always, of course, is to stop smoking, but in case we notice that we are doing uphill and it is difficult for us, it is to have the advice, support and help of a psychotherapist or psychologist.

More information | National Cancer Institute / Consumer EROSKI This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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