How to strengthen the hair with flaxseed water

Known with the name of flax seed water, or simply with the name of flaxseed water, we have a wonderful natural liquid that is obtained through the cooking of the linseed or flax seeds, a well-known and popular food for its incredible nutritional richness, presenting a high content of both fiber and omega 3 essential fatty acids when it comes to enjoying good cardiovascular health.

About the flax seeds, also known as flaxseed, we have already spoken to you at some other time. From a culinary and nutritional point of view, there is no doubt that they are an excellent option to enrich our dishes, being widely used to add over salads or simply consumed with a glass of natural fruit juice. But it is also possible to make other delicious recipes, such as flaxseed milk that allows to enjoy all its qualities in a completely curious and different way.

However, Did you know that flaxseed water is ideal for strengthening hair? We explain why, and what steps you should take to be able to do it at home.

The benefits of flaxseed water to strengthen hair

Flaxseed water is a natural liquid that as we indicated in the previous lines is obtained from the cooking of flax seeds. The truth is that it is a very beneficial drink when consumed internally, but also provides properties for the skin and hair.

Specific, Flaxseed water is very rich in B vitamins and vitamin E, becoming with it is a antioxidant liquid that applied on the hair helps prevent premature hair aging.

But its qualities do not remain here, since in addition to being useful to prevent premature aging of the hair also Helps strengthen hair and reduce hair loss, especially in those times of the year when this problem is more common (especially in spring and autumn).

On the other hand, it is ideal for Bring more shine to your hair, which means that improves your health and appearance, making it softer (a very interesting quality, especially when it comes to reducing frizziness). Further, favors its natural growth and its correct hydration.

How to prepare flaxseed water for hair

Ingredients that you need

  • 2 tablespoons of flax or linseed seeds
  • 4 cups of water
  • Lemon juice

Steps to make flaxseed water

First put the equivalent of 4 cups of water in a saucepan or saucepan and bring to a boil. Just when it starts to boil add the flax seeds and let it boil for 3 minutes. Then turn off the heat, cover and let rest 5 more minutes. Let it cool. Once cold strain and water and remove the seeds. Now part the lemon in half and squeeze it to get its juice. Put the water of the seeds in a glass container and add the lemon juice, mixing well.

Reserve in a clean and airtight container, preferably glass.

How to use and apply flaxseed water to strengthen hair

To be able to enjoy its qualities and benefits when it comes to caring for and strengthening hair, you must follow the following tips for use:

  • Wash your hair like you usually do, using your favorite shampoo and conditioner. If you wish, you can Learn how to make a natural shampoo at home.
  • Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, just at the time of combing it apply a little flaxseed water all over the scalp and hair.
  • To finish you just have to let it dry.

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