How to strengthen the liver naturally with these plants and diet

The liver is one of the most important organs at the time that our body works well as it is responsible for cleaning the body of toxic substances by purifying and making them cleaner and easier to excrete.

It is for this reason that we must take care of ourselves in order to have good liver health. And there is no doubt that the liver is precisely a fundamental organ for our health and ultimately for our own life, because without it simply and plainly we could not live.

To take care of the health of the liver it is essential to carry out a diet as healthy as possible, which can translate into a healthy and balanced diet, in addition to other healthy lifestyle habits with which we will contribute to the health of the liver.

How should we take care of food to have a healthy liver

In a healthy and balanced diet you should not miss vegetables, preferably fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods help to take care of the liver, to purify it with what the liver can perform its functions correctly since it will be free of fats and toxins.

These products, if we could afford them, it is better to opt for organic or organic products since the more free they are of toxins, pesticides, the better it will be, both to have a healthy liver, and for our state of health in general.

The vegetables to take better advantage of their properties is advisable to eat them prepared in juices, or cooked in steam.

The vegetables that favor us when it comes to strengthening the liver are: green leafy vegetables such as spinach, watercress, chicory, vegetables of the cabbage family such as, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage leaves or cabbage, artichoke, onion, carrot, beet.

Fruits as we have said before are also good for strengthening the liver and in the case of fruits it is better to eat them raw, in juices, or in raw accompanied by salads.

The best fruits are fruits rich in vitamin C, as they are antioxidants and will help us fight against free radicals and slow down the aging of our liver cells as well as our body.

Among the most appropriate fruits we highlight: lemon, orange, tangerine, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, plums, strawberries. Lemon juice is a good depurative, especially taken in the morning fasting with a glass of water.

Whole grains, alfalfa sprouts, soybeans, brewer's yeast, nuts rich in essential oils such as nuts, almonds, rich in Omega 3 oils, virgin olive oil.

Diet rich in fish and moderate consumption of both red meats and sausages, instead resorting to white meat such as rabbit, chicken, turkey. On the other hand, keep well hydrated, drink between 1.5 liters or 2 liters of water per day.

Bad habits that harm the health of our liver and that we should avoid

The habits that we detail below are not only bad habits in the diet, but also in our lifestyle:

  • We must avoid foods rich in saturated fats or bad fats, processed foods and very sugary foods.
  • Avoid fast foods or so-called junk food.
  • Avoid copious meals.
  • Reduce the consumption of red meats, and sausages.
  • Avoid frying food and resort to cooking food more healthily as grilled, steamed, baked, boiled.
  • When cooking meat, it is healthier to make it grilled with a few drops of olive oil and not fried.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Avoid sedentary lifestyle and exercise daily moderately, walk at least half an hour every day.
  • Avoid obesity and overweight.

In addition to these tips and good habits that we must follow in terms of food and healthy lifestyle, we can resort to herbs and medicinal plants with the right properties to strengthen the liver.

Medicinal plants to strengthen the liver

To strengthen the health of our liver we can resort to the following herbs and medicinal plants: milk thistle, dandelion, rose hip, green tea and elderflower.

The properties of these plants and medicinal herbs can be obtained by preparing them in infusions or ingesting them in the form of capsules, in one format or another, we can get them in herbalists, natural products stores, parapharmacies, online.

The information we provide below is to ingest them in the form of infusion, how to take them, and also their properties.

In case we resort to the capsules or tablets we will follow the guidelines that they indicate us in the herbalist or in the product's prospectus:

  • Milk thistle: protects the cells of the liver, contributing to its purification.From the milk thistle infusion, we can take a cup twice a day, for a month and then repeat it in six months.
  • Dandelion: It is diuretic, cleanser, promotes the proper functioning of the gallbladder and helps strengthen the liver. This infusion of dandelion can be taken three times a day, preferably before meals.
  • Hip: It is rich in vitamin C, antioxidant, it also has depurative properties which helps to release toxins from the liver and therefore to strengthen it. It is advisable to drink a cup three times a day and after meals from this rose hip infusion.
  • Elderflower: It provides cleansing and diuretic properties, it also helps purify the blood. From this infusion we can drink three cups a day, for three weeks, especially in the spring and autumn seasons.
  • Green Tea: excellent antioxidant, protector of liver cells and our body, helps eliminate fats from the liver while strengthening it. The infusion of green tea can be taken in the morning, half an hour before breakfast, since in the evening it is not advisable not to lose sleep.

Any of these natural remedies that we have facilitated will help us to strengthen the health of our liver, choose the medicinal plant or herb that you like, and later you can change for any other if you want to change your infusion. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesLiver

How to Cleanse Your Liver (November 2023)