How to take care of the hair with natural remedies

There is no doubt that hair, as it happens with other parts of our body, also requires the necessary care to be healthy. Hair is exposed to many aggressions, environmental factors, pollution or pollution, the cosmetic products we use for hair both for grooming and to look something more flirty, dyes, colors, wicks, hair dryer, hair straightener or the use of permanents.

Other causes or factors may also predispose us to weakening our hair, turning it off and being unhealthy like, bad eating habits, unbalanced eating, stress and hormonal changes.

As we can see they are more than one reason why sometimes the hair suffers and needs us to dedicate some care and attention to keep it healthy, strong and radiant.

Then we provide a series of natural remedies with which we can take care of our hair.

These remedies will help us to restore the shine to the hair, to give it volume, to strengthen it, to provide it with softness, to avoid dandruff, to regulate the hair's fat.

Discover 4 natural remedies to care for hair

Natural lemon lotion for rinsing

This natural lotion will be prepared with lemon, the lemon has many properties that will benefit us to give shine to the hair, softness, avoid dandruff, regulate the hair grease.

This preparation is to lighten the hair once we have washed our hair.

It is therefore to rinse or lighten the hair.

It is very easy to prepare so we just need to add to the water with which we are going to rinse our hair the juice of a lemon.

We wash our hair as we do regularly and then we clarify with this lemon lotion.

Apple and lemon vinegar lotion for rinsing

In this lotion we have the beneficial properties of lemon and apple cider vinegar. To prepare this lotion we need, the juice of a lemon and the same amount of apple cider vinegar.

Mix well and add it to the water with which we will rinse the hair after washing.

This lotion can be used every time we wash our hair.

Home remedy to give volume to the hair

To prepare this remedy we resort to the properties that nettle provides us for hair health, in addition to a healthy hair helps us to gain volume.

We just need to crush the nettle leaves and extract their juice.

Before preparing the juice and handling the leaves of nettles, we must put on some gloves to avoid the stinging produced by the nettles.

To extract the juice from the nettle leaves we can use a blender or a presser.

Once the juice is obtained, we put it in a dish or deep bowl in which we can submerge the comb.

We moisten the comb in the juice of nettles and then we go brushing the hair.

Home remedy to strengthen hair

The egg has beneficial properties for the hair, helping it to strengthen with what we also prevent hair loss.

A weak and brittle hair tends to fall more easily than a strong and healthy hair.

To prepare this remedy we need the following ingredients:

  • A beaten egg yolk
  • A glass of lemon juice.
  • One teaspoon of avocado oil

Mix well beating all the ingredients.


Wet the hair and spread the preparation all over the hair.

We massage a little and let it act for 10 minutes.

After a while, rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water.

Next we wash the hair as we normally do.

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