How to take work stress away from our lives

I want it for yesterday, as soon as possible, deliver now ... these are some recurring phrases that many workers live on a daily basis. The frenetic pace of work forces to make somewhat long schedules for not reaching the objectives to achieve.

Beyond better organizing the time and tasks that are assigned to each person, these acts cause an increase in work stress that can have really negative consequences. What to do in these cases? What remedies to establish ?.

Causes of work stress

There are several causes of work stress, at a time when new technologies help to perform tasks but also makes us more attached to them. Let's see the main causes that can cause this stress at work.

Bad planning

Although the computer programs to organize the daily tasks are usually already numerous, a workload is still established that is greater than what can be assumed at present. Good planning with certain times and real and realistic objectives establishes a good and higher productivity.

The interruptions

One of the ways to organize time, something valuable today, is to rule out invalid interruptions or delays in daily work. An example is unwanted calls, queries to emails, social networks, and endless and fruitful meetings. One tip for this cause is not to pick up the phone unless it is urgent.


Some techniques and new work (not well explained) cause great uncertainty, loss of time and paralysis of the task to be performed. The superior or manager must give all the necessary information so that the employee can do his task with precision and speed.

Poor leadership

Another possible cause of the accumulation of tasks and the appearance of stress at work is the poor or unsupervised leader. It is necessary that the superior be able to know how to do their job correctly and a good organizer so that everything goes smoothly, even the unforeseen events that are normal in every company.

Accumulation of tasks

The requirement to accumulate tasks in a worker, not only causes stress, but other diseases such as anxiety and depression.

Bad work climate

Although the tasks are normally carried out, the company has a bad work climate, nothing careful, which causes some workers to be affected by it. Criteria such as motivation, encouragement of workers to participate in activities, training and others are essential for a good environment to reign in the company.

Consequences of stress at work

Work stress already affects a large part of the population. As a consequence, the worker will have all kinds of symptomatology, both physical and psychological. At the physical level, they are perceived Gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory disorders, endocrine disorders, dermatological disorders, muscular disorders and many others.

While in the mental field, work stress hurts people because it makes them feel insecure, with sadness, depression, anxiety, insomnia, low self-esteem, little personal development, lack of concentration, lack of control, hypersensitivity to criticism, bad humor, and susceptibility, in a general way.

There are not only consequences in the personal field, but also for the organization. Because the loss of productivity negatively affects sales and the level of acceptance of workers to the organization. People who suffer stress are sick, so absenteeism is important and that is bad for the company that should set up new organizational structures.

Ways to say goodbye to stress

There are different ways, but all this depends on the degree of stress that one suffers. If it is really of a higher grade, a treatment away from the company is necessary. If it is a slightly lighter stress, disconnect after work, exercise (if it can be daily, better), correct nutrition, good planning and organization, and mediation with the leader or supervisor are enough to take this problem much better . This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist. ThemesStress