How to use essential oils in the relaxing bath

We must bear in mind that the plants and herbs from which the essential oil is extracted not only contain relaxing properties, but also possess other beneficial properties that we can turn to when we need them.

Before using the essential oils we must put a drop of oil diluted with a little water on the skin and observe the reaction of the skin itself could be allergic to the essential oil that we have chosen.

We must also take into account never use pure essential oil, we must dilute it with a little water or another vegetable oil and then we can apply it on the skin.

The best essential oils for relaxing baths

The essential oils we recommend to prepare a relaxing bath are: lavender essential oil, orange essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, thyme essential oil, bergamot essential oil, sage essential oil, cedar essential oil, essential oil of geranium. We reveal some of its properties below:

Lavender essential oil: This essential oil has properties and benefits to soothe both muscle pains and joints, it also has anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties.

The essential oil of orange: The properties of this essential oil of orange are relaxing, it helps to calm the spasms or muscular cramps, it favors us also to calm the anxiety and to help us to conciliate the dream. If perhaps we enjoyed the relaxing bath during the day and then we had to go out and expose ourselves to the sun we should take the precaution of not sunbathing since it is photosensitive and our skin may be soiled, so it is advisable only to use it at night .

The essential oil of sandalwood: the aroma of essential oil of sandalwood has relaxing properties, helps to calm the states of anxiety and stress, helps to meditate and improve the quality of sleep.

Thyme essential oil: It has relaxing properties, it is a very mild sleep aid recommended in cases of fatigue or heaviness, to improve circulation, to relieve muscle pain.

Bergamot essential oil: bergamot essential oil has sedative properties, the aroma of bergamot oil relaxes and calms, so it comes in handy in cases of stress or anxiety. Bergamot is a citrus fruit, more specifically a bitter orange, and as with all citrus fruits, it is photosensitizing so, after bathing, we should not expose ourselves to the sun. The baths with bergamot essential oil are advisable during the night.

Sage essential oil: It helps to calm the body, is an excellent relaxant, has anti-inflammatory properties, is appropriate for muscular problems, relaxes muscle contractures and is also suitable for joint problems.

The essential oil of cedar: It is soothing, helps to relax the mind, improves insomnia problems, helps to combat anxiety or stress, also relieves muscle spasms.

Geranium essential oil: It has relaxing, soothing properties, helps to calm states of stress or anxiety, and is also appropriate for joint problems.

After reading all these properties and benefits, what makes you want to enjoy a good relaxing bath?

Below we provide how we can prepare that beneficial and refreshing relaxing bath that will help us achieve some moments of inner peace, in which we will rest both mentally and physically.

We can still get more out of our relaxing bath if we prepare the environment to enjoy the bath accompanied by a little soft music, turn off the lights and light some candles.

How to prepare a relaxing bath with essential oils

Once you have chosen the essential oil, we fill the bathtub with hot water.

We mix hot and cold water until the water has a temperature of 32 ยบ C.

The amount of water should be enough to allow us to submerge the body, and to be covered by water.

Add 10 or 20 drops of the essential oil to the water and stir to dilute the oil well in the water.

Carefully we enter the bathtub and submerge the body.

We abandon ourselves, close our eyes and enjoy this bath for about 20 minutes. To enjoy! ThemesEssential oils

How to Use Essential Oils in the Bath (December 2022)