Ibuprofen or paracetamol for sore throat

The throat infection is one of the most common causes of sore throat, which also occurs with inflammation, redness and pus production. Its origin can be basically of two types: viral infection (the most common cause, especially in case of cold, flu and mononucleosis) or bacterial infection (for example, streptococcus, being a somewhat more serious condition).

There is no doubt that everyone at some point has had a sore throat. That uncomfortable annoyance that appears especially when speaking, when we swallow a drink or when we eat. In these cases we always tend to seek a treatment or remedy that helps us to alleviate it, not always being very effective, especially when we tend to self-medicate and actually use drugs not indicated according to the cause of sore throat.

In case the cause is bacterial, antibiotics become the medical treatment of choice, to be really effective. But when we have a sore throat caused by a viral infection, there are no medical treatments that eliminate the virus, but only alleviate the symptoms.

It is at this point that we find the ibuprofen and the paracetamol, and also with the eternal doubt: Which of the two medications should we use to relieve sore throat?.

When we have a sore throat caused by the flu or a common cold, many doctors consider it appropriate to take paracetamol, since it is a medicine with analgesic action, which means that it is effective at the time of reduce pain. Taking into account that the flu also causes fever (and this is one of the main differences with the cold or the cold), paracetamol is also suitable to be antipyretic (that is, it helps reduce and lower body temperature).

On the other hand, ibuprofen is anti-inflammatory, so that helps reduce throat inflammation which causes discomfort and pain, especially when we eat and swallow. Just like paracetamol is also antipyretic.

As we can see, both drugs share a similar medical action, being both antipyretics, but while ibuprofen is anti-inflammatory, paracetamol is analgesic. Having said that, Many doctors advise taking ibuprofen for sore throat, since in the majority of the cases this one attends with inflammation. While, acetaminophen, is only used in the treatment of pain that does not involve inflammation (such as in case of general malaise in the flu, headache or bone pain).

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