Ideal foods for a good breakfast

Eating breakfast every day becomes a healthy habit and indispensable when it comes to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, since it is the simplest way to provide our body with the variety of nutrients you need to start the day.

In addition, it becomes the best habit when it comes to providing our body with the energy -and the nutrients- that we need after 10 or 12 hours of fasting, allowing us to carry out our daily activities without lacking energy, we feel tired or fatigued.

Thus it's bad to skip breakfast, since in addition to not contributing since we lift the nutrients and energy that our body needs to get going, people who do not eat breakfast tend to gain weight, since they do not maintain a balanced balance of their meals throughout of the day

Breakfast in a nutritious way is very simple. Although in a moderate way we can include some day pastries or cookies, the best thing is to always combine foods that are within the following 3 groups: dairy, farinaceous and fruit.

Food for a good breakfast

  • Dairy products: include foods such as milk, cheese, yogurt or curd. We can also add margarine or butter, although always moderately and not every day. As you know, Dairy products provide proteins and vitamins (A, D and B2), as well as minerals such as calcium or phosphorus.
  • Farinaceous: highlights the bread in all its versions (normal, whole, toasted ...), as well as breakfast cereals. You can add pastries (like a cupcake or a croissant), or cookies, but not daily and always in moderation. The farinaceous are indispensable foods at breakfast, since They are rich in carbohydrates that, once consumed, our body transforms into glucose.
  • Fruits: there would never be a good healthy and nutritious breakfast if they lacked fruit. They are fundamental foods within a healthy and balanced diet. They can be whole or in compotes, and also in juice. They provide the nutrients that our body needs, such as fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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