Ikea meatballs (Köttbullar): more products with horse meat

As a result of the report the quality of the hamburgers of supermarket according to the OCU, in which it was found the presence of traces of horse meat in some of the analyzed products (and, above all, after the controversy of the presence of this meat in products meat in which it supposedly did not exist), there seems to be a certain social psychosis, so that every so often we know the discovery of new products that contain this type of meat in its composition, although its labeling is not identified.

After last week it was known that Buitoni had removed pasta containing horsemeat in his ravioli, today we have known the presence of this type of meat in another of the world's most consumed products: the popular Swedish meatballs from Ikea.

They find horse meat in Ikea meatballs

It seems that the food fraud that was opened in the United Kingdom a few months ago by the use of horse meat as cattle is going through all the countries belonging to the European Union.

And it is that after Spain, now it has been in the Czech Republic where its health inspectors have discovered that the Ikea meatballs are made with equine meat.

These meatballs are of Swedish origin (that is, they are produced in Sweden), and the Ikea company has confirmed that the meat is from a single Swedish supplier. However, a spokesperson has not been able to confirm whether its distribution would affect more countries as well.

KÖTTBULLAR: Swedish Ikea meatballs

It seems that the affected product is the meatballs KÖTTBULLAR, some meatballs of Swedish origin that are usually accompanied with boiled potatoes, cranberry jam or cream sauce.

The traditional recipe indicates that they are made with minced beef, and are usually served with a thick meat sauce.

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Horse Meat Found in Ikea Meatballs (June 2024)