Infusions for constipation

The constipation It is a digestive problem that, as happens with overweight and obesity, tends more and more to affect a greater number of people, due to the lifestyle that our own society currently has.

Constipation causes abdominal swelling, and hence a series of symptoms that, with the passage of hours (and even days) can become extremely unpleasant annoyances.

To prevent, avoid or combat it, there are different tricks for constipation, although from a natural point of view it can also be treated through infusions for constipation.

Infusions against constipation

  • Fennel
    It helps reduce gas while helping to digest food better. It is advisable to pour a teaspoon of fennel fruits for each cup of water.
  • Gentian
    It favors the elimination of gas, abdominal pain and reduces swelling, while promoting the optimal functioning of the intestine.
  • Nettle
    It has a mild laxative effect, improving digestion. It is advisable to take it, for example, when we have not been able to go to the bathroom for several days.
  • Chamomile
    There is nothing more delicious than an infusion of chamomile. In addition, it has interesting properties, since it favors the elimination of gas and abdominal swelling.
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Natural Infusions for Constipation (April 2024)