Interesting initiative: restaurants against hunger

The malnutrition it is a condition caused by the follow-up of an inappropriate diet, which is characterized by being hypocaloric (low in calories) and hypoproteic (low in proteins). Different factors influence it, especially social factors, especially affecting people with low resources, and mainly children from underdeveloped countries. In fact, every day 8,500 children die from causes related to malnutrition.

And although that is one of the most dangerous, terrible and serious consequences of malnutrition, in case the person or the child does not die, the heart is seriously affected (by losing muscle mass, causing heart failure in the most advanced state). ).

In addition, the immune system becomes inefficient because it can not produce white blood cells, iron-deficiency anemia appears, and bacteria proliferate in the intestinal transit since there is less secretion of LCH by the stomach. Here I leave more information about malnutrition.

The consequences are even more serious among the youngest ones, since there is less growth and physical development, learning problems, problems of retention and memory, and a decrease in their IQ.

However, how can we help eradicate child malnutrition in our day-to-day lives? Very easy: Action Against Hunger has presented the V Edition of Restaurants Against Hunger, by the hand of chef Pepa Muñoz, also godmother of the campaign in the Community of Madrid. We are without a doubt before the largest solidarity initiative in the field of restoration in our country.

What is the initiative?

Between the 15th of September to the 15th of November, the different participating establishments They will offer a dish or menu of solidarity to their customers, so that they will allocate a portion of the proceeds with them to the different Action Against Hunger projects.

On this occasion, more than 500 restaurants spread across 50 Spanish provinces, and the goal is to overcome the restaurants that participated in the previous edition, as well as exceed the 120,000 euros donated to the fight against malnutrition.

If you want to participate in this interesting initiative, you are a client and want to discover which establishments participate, or even have a restaurant and want to collaborate, you can visit the official website of the campaign.

Independent Leeds and Action Against Hunger - The Love Food Give Food initiative in Leeds (July 2024)