Is it bad to make meat grilled or grilled?

Cooking on the grill or grilled are two widely used options when making and preparing meat, since both forms of cooking provide a different flavor to meat, and usually only require salt and pepper to taste as seasoning (actually, little else). In fact they become an ideal option during the summer months, when we take the grill to the garden and enjoy some special moments in the company of family and friends.

But we usually make a mistake: we tend to leave the grill unattended when we are cooking the meat as we think it will take a long time to be done, when the reality is very different. The result? The meat gets hard, chewy and it is very common that it also burns.

It is precisely when we cook the meat in excess when this seemingly harmless food can become a risk to our health. Why?

The reason is that when cooking a meat in excess, and burn it, they tend to form potentially dangerous substances, as are the N-nitroso compounds and the heterocyclic amines (AHC).

These compounds, in animal experiments, have been associated with adverse effects dangerous to health, such as causing DNA damage or serious diseases such as cancer.

Basic tips to avoid dangerous substances when cooking grilled or grilled meat

Reduces cooking time on the grill

The longer a meat is grilled or grilled, the more likely it is that dangerous substances will form, such as the compounds indicated in the previous lines.

A simple option is to cook meat well (that is, never eat it raw or undercooked) but not leave it for a long time cooking.

Controls the cooking temperature of the meat

Following the previous advice, a very good idea is to try to control the cooking temperature. For this we can use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the meat, in this way we will make sure to take out the meat only when it is ready.

Following the recommendations of the Food Standards Agency (United Kingdom), when we cook minced meat such as hamburgers and sausages, poultry or fish, the center of the meat should reach at least 70ÂșC for two minutes before removing it from the fire.

Adoba the meat

Some research has found that marinating meat can help protect it, which would reduce the formation of dangerous compounds.

In relation to what type of marinade would be the best, in fact it would be worth any possibility: from beer to red wine, through olive oil, sauces and other marinades.

Eliminate burned meat

If you notice that in the end some parts of the meat have been burned the best is Remove and dispose of parts that have been carbonized. It is also not advisable to use sauces in order to cover their bitter taste.

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