Is it bad to sleep near electrical appliances?

We are probably faced with a doubt that we will surely have questioned or questioned at some point, as if being near a moving microwave is negative for our health: It really is bad to sleep near electrical appliances?.

It is common and usual that in the room where we rest and sleep every night we have lamps, radio alarm clocks and cordless telephones on the bedside table; and even have televisions or computers.

In fact, how many times have we not slept with the mobile phone on next? It is even usual to use the mobile phone as an alarm clock, and place it under the pillow to listen to it.

The truth is that the electrical appliances that we have in our room where we sleep emit electromagnetic fields, which in the long term tend to create very different symptoms, ranging from fatigue to dysfunctions in the immune system.

As some experts from the Foundation for Geoenvironmental Health (FSG) say, we can not forget that vital organs work by means of electrical pulses, hence when we are overexposed to both artificial and natural radiation they interfere in our biological rhythms, affecting our health . Moreover, if those electrical devices are placed close to us while we sleep every night.

Let's take an example: a simple lamp like the ones we put on the bedside table, and off, causes our body to emit signals of up to 30 volts, when it would not naturally reach 1. The same happens with the television, although it does not it must be bad to have it in the room (although many experts advise not to watch TV just before going to bed, or even being in it), it can be negative if we turn it off by pressing the power off button, and the we leave in stand by.

In relation to the symptoms, they vary a lot from person to person, but it is usual that we tend not to sleep well, that it is difficult for us to get to sleep, or that even after getting up we do not feel rested (precisely because we have not rested well).

Therefore, reasons such as these can make us ask if in reality it is not bad to sleep near this type of equipment: choosing a battery-operated alarm clock and not having any type of electrical appliance on the nightstand could be a good idea.

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