Is it dangerous to wash the chicken?

According to the Food Standards Agency of the United Kingdom (FSA for its acronym in English) yes: it is dangerous to wash the chicken. In fact it is a very common practice in many houses, which far from being advised is at least recommended.

And it seems that washing the chicken before cooking increases the risk of spreading the bacteria campylobacter in the hands, the clothes, the work surface of the kitchen and the utensils through the splashing of drops of water.

Among the most common reasons why people wash the chicken before cooking it, we find the elimination of possible germs that the animal may have, or simply because it had been done before (that is, it has become a habit more). than in a hygiene procedure).

The bacteria belonging to the genus Campylobacter they are usually transmitted precisely through contaminated food and water (such as raw poultry, fresh vegetables or unpasteurized milk), which can infect the digestive tract and cause diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps.

Symptoms tend to appear between one to seven days after the ingestion of food or contaminated food, with diarrhea usually being liquid at first, to then contain some blood and mucus. Sometimes abdominal pain tends to be one of the most serious symptoms, since it is usual to confuse this infection with a problem of pancreas or appendicitis.

How to prevent campylobacter infection?

In fact it is very simple, since as the FSA indicates one of the keys is not to wash the chicken before cooking it, and to cook it well and eat it while the meat is still hot.

On the other hand, after touching raw meat it is advisable to wash your hands thoroughly, clean well the cutting boards, the countertop and the different kitchen utensils that have come into contact with raw meat, always with hot water and soap .

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