Is it necessary to always be completely sincere?

Since we have use of reason we have been taught that the truth must always be said. Both our parents and family in general have told us that lies deprive us of our freedom from the moment it leaves our mouth.

However, anyone who is reading this article now is sure to have lied at some time in their life in order to escape from some problematic or compromised situation.

Then, surely the next question arises. "You have to be completely honest? "Well, although in general terms it can be said that YES, sometimes there is no other option but to hide a bit of certain information to avoid problems that lead nowhere. And then we will tell you why.

Many times we lie because of fear

Before getting into the causes of why we should be -or not- always sincere, we are going to tell you the reason why man is a liar by nature. When we go acquiring a certain age, we begin to have more worries and responsibilities that basically make us mature. It is here when we began to throw our first little lies to our parents or friends in order to get out unscathed in a situation that has ended in the worst way because of us.

This is obviously the typical lie that must be avoided. Throughout our lives we will have no choice but to deal with situations that will certainly not be to our liking. But that is where we will have to show enough integrity to face them with the greatest possible honesty. Otherwise, we will only be able to lengthen the agony unnecessarily. And the worst of all is that if we "get" our credit will be reduced to zero.

On the other hand, we also usually lie to continue forming part of the group, of the mass, of all our peers. Sometimes, our opinion may differ from the vast majority. That's why sometimes we model it a bit so we can adjust to the group we are in. This is the most normal thing in the world because in the end we are social beings by nature and therefore we always like to integrate with others in order to be the closest to them.

In virtue there is virtue

Once this is known, when is it okay then to hide the truth? When should we be honest and when should we not? For like everything in this life, in the middle term is virtue. We live in a society where the values ​​of honesty, sincerity and fidelity have been lost over the years. Therefore, from here we say that you always try to enact with them as much as possible.

Does this mean that we have to say everything that comes to mind? Well, clearly not. On many occasions there will be no choice but to hide part of the truth. Not only because you do not have to face it and get out of it that way. It has to be done only for the common good and away from a conflict that may erupt at any time.

And we give you a good example of that. Imagine that you are on a plane and when you take your suitcase, you realize that there is an explosive device inside. Would you immediately scream to the four winds what you just saw? Would you start shouting all over the plane what you found? Well surely not. You would go to the hostess staff to tell what happened and so they can act accordingly. You would do this so that chaos would not reign. Basically for the common good.

And this can be applied to any area of ​​your life. Although as we have already said, this does not mean that sometimes there is no other option but to face reality. And as the philosopher Plato said: "You have to have the courage to tell the truth, especially when you talk about the truth." This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

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