Julmust: origins and curiosities of this Swedish Christmas drink

Christmas is a time to also enjoy all kinds of drinks that we always accompany with Christmas sweets in the form of shortbread, polvorones or gingerbread cookies. In our country it is very common to have a sweet wine or hot tea to brighten the Christmas after-dinner while at the same time we enjoy the company of our loved ones.

However, there are other countries that go even one step further. And a clear example of this is found with Sweden and his famous "Julmust", a non-alcoholic drink that is mostly made up of carbonated water, hops extract and sugar.

It also receives the name of påskmust " (wort of Easter in Swedish) and they get to consume some 45 million liters per year, a very remarkable figure if we take into account that Sweden does not exceed 10 million inhabitants.

It should also be noted that practically 75% of sales occur during the Christmas period, whereas in the rest of months the consumption of this "Swedish tail" is quite residual. In fact, there are many Swedes who decide buy it directly in December to store it (as if it were a good wine) until the following Easter.

History of Julmust: the recipe belongs to the Roberts family

But what are the real origins of the Julmust? Surely many of you will ask. Well the original recipe was devised by the Roberts family around the year 1910. His intention was none other than that of create a drink that serves to liven up the Christmas tablecloths without the need for its members to fall into drunks in a short time.

From the beginning, the company in charge of commercialization was run by Roberts AB, which was based in Örebro, a small town in the Närke region in the south of the country. From that moment and due to its exponential consumption, father and son decided to patent the formula that is currently kept with extreme suspicion.

In fact, it is rumored that the original recipe of the Julmust is hidden under lock and only knows its exact elaboration a single person of the world, as it happens with the more than famous Coca-Cola.

The Julmust is accompanied with all kinds of Swedish dishes and sweets

As we have told you at the beginning of the article, this sweet drink is made entirely with carbonated water , sugar, unfermented hops extract which gives it a bitter taste together malt extract, citric acid and other spices.

Combining all these ingredients they get a drink that is then stored in glass bottles that they label with all kinds of Christmas motifs. From there, it starts to be marketed in mid-November to face the great demand that Julmust suffers at Christmas.

From there, many Swedes decide to drink this sweet cola accompanied by other Christmas sweets exclusive to this Nordic country. Among them, the most outstanding are the Easter eggs, buns Lussekatter or the toffee of almonds also known as knäcks.

Have you been wanting to try the Julmust? Unfortunately its commercialization is not yet fully extended in our country . Although it is said that it is possible to find it already bottled in some Ikea. So do not wait to give it a chance and then to toast with us while we all say in Swedish: ' God jul och gott nytt år !’ (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!). ThemesAlcohol Christmas

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