Keep mosquitoes away during the summer with these natural remedies

Summer brings with it an extraordinary climate for outdoor activities, an environment that is really pleasant and that is conducive to vacation during that time of year. However, the summer wonder disappears when the mosquitoes with him. Those pesky insects that do nothing but bite us and feed on our blood.

And although in the market there is an endless number of ideal products to combat them, what better way to use natural alternatives to keep them out of our homes. Let's review together some of the best alternatives that exist to ward off these insects without polluting the environment or poisoning us.

Useful home remedies against mosquitoes at home


The eucalyptus It has a lot of healing and relationship properties. But what few know is that it is an effective insecticide. For that you will need your concentrated oil, which you must pour into a glass vessel. It is enough that you place 15 droplets in water and place it in a ventilated point.

It is known that if you apply this oil in your shampoo or moisturizer for daily use you will also be protecting against the attack of these "little vampires". If you prefer to prepare this oil at home, just boil some leaves of the plant for 20 minutes. The resulting liquid will pack it and let it rest.


Rich in vitamin C and with strong properties for the human immune system, lemon is also a powerful repellent. Its use is simpler but perhaps not so pleasant. It is recommended that a freshly chopped lemon be applied to the body and this will have a repellent effect.

There are those who do as with the eucalyptus, who place it chopped in a glass of water so that it can be spread throughout a room.

Tea infusion

Once we have taken our morning or afternoon tea, it is recommended that we do not discard the bags where they come from. If we rub these sachets on the body, its content becomes an effective mosquito repellent wherever we are.


Known for their aromatic properties, they can also be quite efficient insecticides for domestic use. Many of these rods are made from plants or essences that are ideal to scare off mosquitoes, among them the almarosa or citronella.

In order not to feel suffocated or cause allergic reactions at the nasal level, it is recommended that they be used outdoors as in a park, in the pool area, among others. The best use of these products is that their level of toxicity is virtually non-existent and its cost is quite affordable to everyone's pocket.

Scented candles

As with incense, there are aromatic candles that serve to repel mosquitoes immediately in any space. Opt for those that are made with lavender or lemon and you will see how they act in a matter of seconds in the environment that you have placed them.

How to make homemade mosquito traps

We have options for all tastes and budgets, so it is convenient that you know that you can make small "traps" at home. How? Try to mix 20 centiliters of water with 50 grams of sugar plus one gram of edible yeast. You must, first of all, heat the water and sugar.

Once it takes temperature, remove the mixture and place it in a plastic container that you have chopped in half previously. When the liquid is already cold, add the yeast but do not mix it. The rest of the bottle is inserted upside down so that it forms a kind of funnel.

What will happen is that the combination of ingredients will give way to the creation of carbon dioxide. But for the mosquitoes to reach the trap, you must place a piece of black cloth at the base of the bottle. It is known that these insects are fascinated by the smell of fermentation so they will not resist and will be trapped inside it.

How to prevent the appearance of mosquitoes at home?

Although we have presented a series of effective methods to scare away mosquitoes from home, it is also important that you do not encourage their appearance. That is why some of our activities must stay in step because they are the ones that give way to its proliferation.

  • Do not leave containers with drinking water open at home. It is known that it is the perfect environment for them to reproduce.
  • Avoid leaving highly perfumed cosmetic products in open spaces. Mosquitoes are very attracted to these odors.
  • Close the ventilation points of the house well.
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