Korean pine oil, ideal for losing weight

For some years, it has been triumphant among many slimming diets the one called as Korean pine oil, especially for their properties and benefits, although surely little or almost nothing-you've heard of him.

It is specifically an oil certainly ideal for all those people who, in one way or another, want lose weight and ultimately lose those extra kilos, since, as we will see carefully throughout this article, it helps to control both the appetite and the anxiety that tend to cause many weight loss diets.

What is Korean pine?

The one called as Korean pine (Pinus koraiensis Siebold et Zucc), is a type of pine that, as its name would come precisely to indicate, is originally from Asia.

Especially, it is native to areas of Korea, northern China, Manchuria and Japan.

The tree itself contains some pine nuts that, as we indicated in a very summarized way in the previous lines, are very rich in pinolenic acid, which is useful for people who want to lose weight.

And the Korean pine oil? Where do you get it?

The Korean pine oil, as its name can certainly indicate, it obtains itself from the Korean pine; a type of pine native to Asia (especially from the areas of Japan, Korea, Siberia, northern China and Manchuria), and its pine nuts are especially rich in pinologenic oil.

Not in vain, of its fruits, incidentally, is extracted 16% of the total of this essential oil, being 40 times richer in pinolenic acid than the vast majority of other pine species.

Benefits and properties of Korean pine oil

The pinolenic acid contained in pine nuts of Korean pine is able to stimulate the secretion of satiety peptides in the intestines, which results in a feeling of generalized satiety.

Mainly, these satiating peptides are cholecystokinin and GLP-1, which are responsible for triggering the different mechanisms that cause satiety in the body.

One of the main virtues of Korean pine oil is that is able to be a good adjuvant in the vast majority of weight loss diets, since it helps control appetite, thanks to the aforementioned pinolenic acid, which in the intestines stimulates the secretion of GLP1 and cholecystokinin, which favor the different satiety mechanisms in both the digestive system and the central nervous system, with its evident decrease in appetite.

Precisely when acting reducing appetite, the intake of total food on a daily basis decreases, reducing, therefore, the contribution of calories (according to various studies, approximately 30%).

Thanks to this our body must therefore resort to the different internal energy reserves in order to meet their daily needs, and thus a loss of that occurs.

But the properties of Korean pine oil not only stay here, since as we indicated at the beginning of this article, by decreasing appetite also decreases the anxiety to eat.

How to take Korean pine oil?

Korean pine oil can be taken (in its most recommended form) by consuming 3 pearls of 160 milligrams of pinolenic acid in one shot, preferably half an hour before the main meal.

As you can guess, it is much more advisable to combine the intake of this oil with the monitoring of a balanced and varied diet, exercise daily, and maintain a healthy and healthy lifestyle.

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