Lack of sleep and its effects on health

If you have ever slept badly, or just have not been able to get enough sleep, it is quite possible that you have already felt its negative consequences. Especially with the pace of life we ​​lead today, where work is much more important than good rest, It is very common to suffer from lack of sleep precisely because we do not sleep enough, and what our body ultimately needs to rest and recover in a convenient way.

Sleeping badly or not getting enough sleep can become the biggest "enemy" of our health, now that it has effects on our health both short and long term. As you surely know, Experts advise sleeping 8 hours a day, or at least 5 hours a day.

If you tend to sleep a little, or do not pay the importance that you should really give, then we discover you what are the health consequences of lack of sleep.

Consequences of lack of sleep in our health

1. Lack of concentration, low productivity and fatigue

Lack of sleep affects our level of concentration, affecting us in a very negative way in our daily tasks. Our productivity suffers given that we do not feel fresh, being very habitual to feel the head as packed, where ideas do not arise as they should.

When we sleep poorly and suffer from lack of sleep it is more common for us to make mistakes, and even that we suffer more accidents, especially when we drive. Fatigue also appears.

2. We are more prone to diseases

Lack of sleep affects our immune system in the long term, weakening our defenses. When we sleep poorly or suffer from lack of sleep for a while it is common for our defenses to go down, so that our body becomes more prone to get sick more easily.

Therefore, people who suffer from insomnia tend to catch cold or agriparse more, or suffer other types of related infections.

3. Increased risk of diabetes

Lack of sleep is associated with a higher risk of diabetes. In fact, different scientific investigations have been able to verify that those people who sleep less than 5 hours a day can undergo changes in the glucose metabolism, which in turn favors the onset of type 2 diabetes.

4. Weight gain

Believe it or not, lack of sleep contributes to obesity as many health experts defend. Why? Very simple: given that our body feels fatigued we choose unconsciously to consume foods rich in calories, especially in carbohydrates.

5. Greater development of heart disease

Sleeping poorly or doing it insufficiently increases the risk of developing diseases of the heart, because mainly it tends to increase our heart rate. Therefore, people who sleep badly usually have blood pressure problems.

How to sleep better to rest well?

Taking into account the rhythm of life that we usually take each day, we could almost say that the normal thing is to find a space to rest properly. However, we must find it without a doubt, given that rest properly and do the hours that our body needs helps us when it comes to enjoy better health, since we tend to get sick less.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Avoid or limit the use of electronic devices before going to bed: the use of mobile phones, digital tablets, the computer ... can activate us and take away our sleep, so it will be harder for us to fall asleep later.
  • Replaces television with a bookIt can be a classic book or an electronic book, but the important thing is to try to relax while reading your favorite book. Therefore it is appropriate to replace television with a book or a magazine.
  • Avoid stimulant drinks: its consumption can alter our sleep habits. Therefore, avoid stimulating drinks such as coffee, tea or drinks with cola before going to bed and replace them with relaxing drinks. It is also advisable to eliminate energy drinks.
  • Opt for relaxing infusions: between one to two hours before going to bed, after dinner, choose to drink relaxing infusions. Emphasizes the infusion of melissa, passionflower or chamomile.

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