Lactose-free foods

When you suffer from lactose intolerance there are prohibited foods (and food products) whose consumption should be avoided, especially not to cause symptoms of milk sugar intolerance.

As you know, and as we have already indicated in some moments, the so-called lactose intolerance In recent years, it has become a well-known eating disorder, mainly due to the number of people who suffer from it every year.

The lactose is the sugar in milk, which is broken down into two more simple sugars (glucose and galactose). It is a process carried out by the small intestine thanks to the action of the enzyme lactase.

However, when there is a lactase deficit, the lactose passes quickly to the large intestine without having decomposed before, beginning to ferment and causing a series of characteristic symptoms.

Therefore, when a person is diagnosed with this type of intolerance, he must always keep in mind what are the Prohibited foods with lactose intolerance, and that food without lactose Yes they can be ideal within the diet that you should follow.

List of lactose-free foods

  • Vegetables: fresh, frozen and canned vegetables without milk or milk products.
  • Fruits: fresh, canned or dried fruits without milk or milk products.
  • Bread, grains and cereals: rice, oats, barley, corn flour, millet, pasta, water-based breads, biscuits, cookies and dry cereals without added dairy solids.
  • Meats and derivatives: pork, game, lamb, beef, poultry, fish and eggs.
  • Oils and derivatives: vegetable oils.
  • Milk and derivatives: milk without lactose, soy milk, butter and margarine without milk derivatives.

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Living with Lactose Intolerance (November 2022)