Learn to enjoy the little things in life

Human beings are complex by nature. It is a condition that sometimes makes us ignore certain situations of everyday life. For some, it is a journey of grace with certain grayish touches.

For others, it means a path with too many obstacles, so they insist on complaining about everything that happens to them. It is a condition that does not allow them to even value the positive things that arrive and how they arrive.

The fixation on material goods, the pleasures of life, personal success and money are some of the only purposes that some see as the synonym of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment.

However, these aspects, which although positive at certain times, are not those that define the existence of a human being. These are aspects that can vanish from one day to the next.

What happens then when we search and search and we do not get what we want so much to find? It is not a question that has an answer that is too simple but that can be deciphered little by little.

The first thing you must understand is that you have the steering wheel of your life, and that what you decide or do will have consequences, good or bad, in the short or long term. You have a reason to be in the world but not everything will depend on what they call "destiny".

You have to take into account some keys

  • Do not feel as if you are in the universe and already. Feel part of him.
  • The ego makes us feel separate from the positive because it makes us believe that we are more than the others.
  • Appreciate your identity You are a unique code within a huge spectrum, although some say the opposite.
  • Focus your thoughts towards the positive always being realistic and not deceiving yourself.

From the outset they sound like extremely simple recommendations but in reality many find it hard to understand and internalize. We must remember that we are what we do, and that no change is made easy.

There are certain activities that may help us to enjoy the little things in life, but perseverance and determination are values ​​that must be kept in mind in order to achieve them.

Meditation has become a very effective tool for those who are stressed by things that should not be too important. The reduction of stress will make us appreciate life much more.

Individuals without stress love themselves more, are able to internalize more their virtues and reject the negative that they intend to reach. It is a way to get rid of all prejudices.

Being more observant is another way of appreciating the little things in life much more. How many times do you stop to watch a sunset or how many times do you contemplate how the rain falls in your window?

Nature gives us gifts every day that we do not value for being too busy in situations that do not merit our attention but that we insist on doing so.

Be more thoughtful about your surroundings. The more you understand where you are and where you are going, the better you will be able to understand what arrives and what is going.

Do not attach yourself to the material. While they are things that bring us happiness at certain times, they are not determining agents of our fullness.

Enjoy each and every moment. Life is a ratico, as some claim, but this is absolutely true. Do not let go every second without feeling that you are appreciating it.

Affirm in your mind that you are happy when positive moments arrive. This will allow you to concentrate that energy and catapult into your memory what you are living.

Optimism is the fuel to be able to live better. It's not about not seeing the things that really exist but to see beyond, find the solutions when you have exhausted all resources.

Not everything that comes to us is because something bad is approaching or all the bad that happens to us is because we do not deserve it. We must learn from the negative and grow from those situations.

Lean on love It is a feeling that can do everything and is capable of healing wounds, breaking down barriers and convincing us that it is possible to live in a life in which small things can be appreciated. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

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