Lemon to clean the skin

The lemon is one of those fruits that stand out for the different properties it contains, since it is a food that is characterized by being extremely depurative, helping a lot at the time not only to eliminate toxins, but to lower high cholesterol levels.

It is also a fruit widely used in the treatment of obesity, especially in those cases in which there is some fluid retention.

But one of the benefits of lemon The most outstanding is its virtues for skin, since it helps a lot to eliminate its impurities, besides being useful against grains, pimples and spots.

For this reason, it is interesting lemon to clean the skin make a simple lemon cleanser for the skin. We explain how.

Clean the skin with lemon: homemade recipe

Basic ingredients

  • Juice of a lemon
  • Water of roses

Steps to make the cleaner with lemon skin

1. Squeeze the juice of a lemon.

2. Mix the rose water with the lemon juice in equal parts.

It is an interesting antiseptic solution, which helps restore the acid balance of the skin, preventing the appearance of pimples and pimples.

How To| Exfoliate Your Skin With Lemon! (January 2022)