List of calories

Know what calories We can find in a certain food can be useful, for example, when you want to control the calories we want to consume each day.

In particular, each food has its own calories, so knowing how to combine each food or group of foods with others is always the best option to enjoy a balanced diet.

We have made a compilation to offer you a calorie list complete and simple to use. Save it and keep it always on your computer. It will be useful above all if you are on a diet.

List of calories

Calories of food

  • Calories of spices
  • Calories of cheeses
  • Calories of sausages
  • Calories of legumes
  • Calories of eggs
  • Calories of nuts
  • Calories of fruits
  • Calories from oils, fats and sauces

Calories of products

  • Calories from Weetabix

Calories of beverages

  • Calories of milk
  • Calories of wine
  • Calories of beer

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