Live the here and now to be happier in your present

There are many people who live day to day with fear, worry and fear. Fear for the future, for the fear of not knowing what tomorrow could bring them. And with concern for not knowing how far they can act on him.

People who live every day in this way not only can not enjoy the here and now, but by living always thinking about what might or might not happen in the not too distant future (or even far enough in time), this will it prevents tasting the little things that life offers them in the present moment; indeed, in the here and now.

It is known that those people who enjoy the present moment without worry, and only dealing with what happens to them at the present time, tend to live life much more relaxed and calm. In fact, they tend to be much more optimistic, which in turn gives them a full life, and even longer than those who are more pessimistic or negative.

Live the present it becomes a virtue, an authentic way of life in which there are no worries about what may happen in the future.

Forget about the past and not worry about the future

It is true that be afraid of the future It is very normal. Humans since ancient times have always tried to predict the future as a way to reduce that anxiety that supposes not knowing what may happen tomorrow.

Not knowing it becomes a concern, which translates into anxiety, stress and nervousness. We long to know the future when, however, we are not able to live in the present and enjoy every little moment.

But if worrying about the future is very simple, especially because it is a habit that we have maintained over the years, Live the present Without worrying about the future, it can be complicated in the first moments, especially because it is a change of thoughts that can not be done overnight.

It is also usual not only that we worry about the future, but that live anchored in the past. There are people who can spend their lives thinking about what they did and what could have happened if they had not done so, and they forget an important maxim: the past can only serve to learn lessons.

So, the key from the beginning is to be aware that we want to change our mentality, maintaining - of course - the desire to achieve it and above all, having a lot of patience.

Forget about the past

As its name suggests, the past is everything that happened in a moment not present, but that is not future either.

In this sense, the past can help us remember pleasant things when facts or situations made us happy (we are faced with a positive past). But when we are faced with a painful past that hurt us, this negative past It tends to be one of our biggest enemies when it comes to enjoying the present moment.

The key is to learn the lessons of the past, taking into account the mistakes so as not to commit them again and capture only what matters to us.

Do not be afraid of the future

Being afraid of the future may be more common than you think. That, together with spending our lives waiting for something to happen to us, can be a clear impediment to being able to Live the present.

Even worse is when the desire for something to happen to us becomes a concern, because not only do we live worried about something that we do not know will happen, but it prevents us from living the present moment with tranquility.

How to live the present and enjoy the here and now

To Live the present It is fundamental to forget the past, especially those situations that hurt us by remembering them and capture only those lessons that life, with our mistakes and situations, has taught us.

It is not advisable either to feel fear of the future, because it forces us to spend our lives worrying about something that in the end we do not have the certainty of whether they will happen or not.

We do have the certainty that the moment that accompanies us at every minute is the present moment. And that, therefore, what we can do is forget the past and not think about the future, keeping all our attention on what happens to us, we think and feel now.

What do you think and what do you want? Connect with your feelings and with your thoughts, with everything you feel at this moment. Little by little, you will begin to enjoy now and live with greater fullness in the present moment. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

Here's A Simple, Proven Way To Live In The Moment (July 2024)