Living personal crises positively: a way to learn and grow

At the moment in which we live everything happens very fast. We are focused on having more and more. A better house, a better car, a better remunerated salary, the best clothes to wear ... But can we really live a full life without having gone through a personal crisis before? If they took away all of that, would we still be happy?

As we lose some of these things probably many people are also losing their own happiness and begin to enter into crisis. Crisis that often can not be seen as positive. Moments and circumstances in which life tells you to stop, that there is something you are not doing well.

We are linking and linking moments without being fully aware of them. We end with a work contract and then we start with another one out of fear, without really asking ourselves if we want that for the rest of our life. Or we simply do not find another job and we feel that we are not worth enough.

In those moments when a person begins to go through a crisis, he usually feels lost, dazed, full of fears. Sometimes we do not know how to translate what life is telling us, even our own body speaks to us but we ignore it. However, the reality is that we should see it as a new stage that is beginning for us.

We have the option of rethinking where we would really like to go, if I am really passionate about what I am doing, or if I am supplying or filling in gaps of my own. We probably go through a short period of sadness and depression, but little by little the big windows will start to open and we will see the sun again.

Great crises then lead to better stages only if we get to hear. It may be the time to recover that hobby that we did not even have time to do because we were so busy running during the day and pleasing others to fulfill certain responsibilities, instead of satisfying ourselves. It's time to take those morning walks along the beach barefoot, do a little sport, which in turn will help us secrete endorphins and adrenaline. Those hormones that will help us little by little to feel better, fuller and happier.

Albert Einstein said that "Without crisis there are no merits. It is in the crisis where the best of each one emerges, because without crisis all wind is caress" While Antoine de Sant Exupery said that "Man is discovered when measured against an obstacle“.

It's time not to worry, but to occupy you. Get up early, take care of your appearance, have a good breakfast. Even the best we can do is strengthen personal relationships such as family or even share time with close friends. These will give us support and affection. It is not bad to ask for it since surely that we will always have been when they needed it. Expressing what we feel and think once a day is also a good way to maintain order within ourselves.

Taking the reins of your life will make you brave and valuable to yourself now is the time to take the direction you want to take, now you can choose because you know what you really want.

How can I learn from crises?

There's no doubt when faced with a personal crisis, the best we can do is to experience it as an opportunity to learn, especially when dealing with mistakes after having made a wrong decision.

We must think, try to find out what we have been wrong about. And although sometimes it is easy to achieve, in most cases it is never so simple. However, it is always possible to review what happened, and above all, what we can do differently in the future so as not to fall into the same error again.

The most recommended is always understand a personal crisis as a temporary state of disorganization and disturbance. That is to say, it is temporary, which means that it is not going to be a situation that extends over time, that is indefinite. They relate rather to the inability we have at those moments to handle specific situations that occur at that moment.

For that reason there is a very nice phrase that will help us in those moments: the luggage of life, that we are filling little by little with the years, is what helps us to face difficult situations. That is, with each crisis we learn which defense and action mechanisms have helped us, and which ones have not.

Therefore, the important thing is not to be brave because we are not afraid, but to be brave to have the ability to continue forward despite the fear. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

Dealing with Difficult Times in Life (May 2024)