Lobster: properties and benefits

The Locust it becomes one of those sea foods that, along with the popular caviar, stands out for being a product that is usually consumed in a very occasional way, due above all to the fact that it tends to be considered a luxury food, rather than a daily food.

It is a seafood that, at sea, can live more than 50 years in freedom, highlighting its curious dark blue color, which at the time of cooking tend to acquire its characteristic pink color.

The most common thing is that the lobsters are sold alive, since their meat usually spoils quickly very easily, for this reason if you want to enjoy both its flavor and the main ones properties of the lobster, it is best to prepare them quickly.

Benefits of lobster

The lobster stands out as one of the seafood whose meat is the lowest in fat, also surprised to be one of the healthiest and healthiest "sea products".

As with other foods such as crabs, lobsters are especially rich in vitamins and minerals. In fact, among the vitamins highlights its high content of pantothenic acid (helps convert food into energy) and vitamin E (acts as an antioxidant helping to keep the arteries in an optimal state).

Regarding its minerals, its calcium content stands out (much richer than other seafood), zinc, potassium and selenium. In this sense, the lobster is useful for prevent osteoporosis, also that helps at the time of protect and take care of the health of heart.

Precisely thanks to its zinc content, it's a seafood that helps strengthen the immune system, in addition to improve fertility.

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Foods Rich in Zinc - Lobster (November 2023)