Lose weight and regain weight

There are times that those people who tend to eat when they feel depressed or alone usually lose a smaller amount of kilos when they follow a diet of weight loss.

Not in vain, this type of people are the ones who have a hard time maintaining that weight loss, which then leads to an obvious weight gain, as indicated by US research.

These researchers have indicated that the study they carried out could explain why so many people who lose weight return later to gain weight.

Why do some people lose weight and then gain weight?

Heather Niemeier, an obesity specialist at Miriam Hospital and Warren Alpert School of Medicine, said in a statement that it was found that the more a person says they eat in response to feelings and thoughts, the less pounds lose weight.

The aforementioned research included 286 overweight men and women who participated in a behavioral weight loss program.

At this point, there was a second group consisting of more than 3,200 adults who had lost 13.5 kilos, and who kept that weight for a year.

The researchers, who focused on people who ate because of external and internal influences, found that the more a person ate for internal reasons, the less weight they tended to lose over time.

Remember that there are a series of simple tips and tricks that can help you lose weight without dieting.

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How To Lose Weight You Regained (December 2022)