Maple syrup diet: how it is and why it is dangerous

The maple syrup (also known as maple syrup or maple syrup) has gained popularity in recent years for its benefits and qualities both depurative and de-stimulants, although it is a very common ingredient in Canada or the United States when preparing and serving Desserts such as crepes or waffles.

From a nutritional point of view it can become an excellent substitute for white sugar, as it is characterized as a natural and nutritious sugar. It contributes half of calories that the common sugar, and in addition is rich in minerals like calcium, potassium and in smaller quantity zinc.

In relation to the calories it provides, 25 grams of maple syrup provide only 52 calories. The Maple syrup diet consists of a cure of syrup, syrup or maple sap ideal as a depurative and fat burner. On the other hand, it is usual to combine it with lemon juice, which favors and improves its detoxifying and depurative quality.

How is the maple syrup diet?

It is a type of diet that lasts 10 days, which is divided into three parts, which are actually characterized by the limited energy contribution that is made to the body through diet.

As its name indicates, it is a type of diet that is based on maple syrup, which is ingested for several days diluted preferably in water with lemon. Then this consumption is followed by a total of four days based on a vegetarian diet, and finally it ends with three days in which the natural sweetener is consumed again.

To follow the maple syrup diet you only need:

  • Maple syrup (you can also find it with the names of maple syrup or maple syrup).
  • Lemons (to obtain your juice).
  • Dried chilli powder
  • Mineral water.
  • Assorted foods: brown rice, whole wheat bread, vegetable broths, fruit and fruit salads.

How to make the maple syrup diet

  1. Pre-diet: has a duration of 3 days. You must take 1 liter of the mixture of 15 tablespoons of maple syrup, the juice of 1 lemon and a pinch of dried chilli pepper, the first day. The second day 3 quarts of liter and the third and last day of the pre-diet half a liter. In addition, you should consume foods such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, fruit salads, fruits and vegetable broths.

  2. From the fourth to the seventh day: drink 2 liters each day with the juice of four lemons, 15 tablespoons of maple syrup and dried chilli pepper.

  3. Post-diet: its duration is 3 days, and the steps are the same as in the pre-diet. Drink 1 liter of the mixture of 15 tablespoons of maple syrup, the juice of 1 lemon and a pinch of dried chilli pepper, the first day. The second day 3 quarts of liter and the third and last day of the pre-diet half a liter. Also eat foods such as whole grain bread, brown rice, fruit salads, fruit and vegetable broths.

Given that when the maple syrup diet is followed, fasting is maintained for 4 days, it can only be followed by people with an optimal health status. However, it is always advised to consult your doctor first.

Why is not a proper diet to lose weight?

Evidently, we are faced with a miracle diet that promises that we will lose weight quickly by the mere fact of consuming a natural sweetener, water with lemon, ingested as the only food for a period of 3 days.

As we see, it is a diet that, besides being unbalanced, is dangerous, because it causes deficiencies of essential nutrients, especially in vitamins, since the maple syrup does not provide just vitamins except for a very small amount of vitamins of group B.

On the other hand, there is no essential contribution of fats for our organism, so fundamental for our health and ultimately for its proper functioning.

Therefore, it is not a proper diet for weight loss, being only useful for the elimination of toxins not by the fact of following the diet itself, but by the consumption of maple syrup with lemon water.

And we must not forget that the maple syrup itself can be used as a method of purifying toxins, so that only its use should be summarized in this area, and little else. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesSlimming Diet

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