Medical reviews that every woman must do according to age

Throughout the life of a woman, since reaching puberty and reaching menopause, there are different Medical reviews that it is essential to make arrivals at a certain age. And it is that when we speak of medical reviews we do not only refer to useful revisions in the prevention of illnesses and health pathologies; We also refer to normal and usual checkups such as for example, cytologies.

Focusing clearly on the preventive aspect, the reviews and medical checkups mainly help when it comes to detecting the onset of diseases, which have not yet produced symptoms.

Next we propose a calendar of useful medical reviews so that you have them in mind when you reach the recommended age for such revisions and checks.

Between 18-20 years

At this age it is recommended to begin to perform cytologies, especially from the age when the woman starts having sex. Then it is recommended to repeat it annually.

From the age of 35

From this age, and especially from 35 to 40 years of age, it is advisable to carry out the first mammography, taking place every two years.

From 40 years of age it is advisable to do it annually, at least once a year.

Also after the age of 35, it is recommendable to carry out a ultrasound every year or every 2 years, which will allow to check and know the state of the reproductive organs of women.

From 45-50 years old

As of this age, or earlier in case of early menopause, it is advisable to study the bone densitometry, which measures the calcium content in the bones and helps to know if there is a risk factor that predisposes to suffer from osteoporosis.

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