Mercadona withdraws 11 cosmetic and hygiene products

It was last July when the AEMPS (Spanish Agency of Medicine, dependent of the Ministry of Health) warned that a total of 11 cosmetics sold by Mercadona contained ingredients that, according to the regulations, can not be together in the same product.

However, a few weeks later it has been known that the supermarket chain Mercadona has proceeded to remove a total of eleven cosmetics and hygiene products from the Deliplus and Solcare brands (manufactured by the RNB company, one of several manufacturers that supply products under this brand) for containing two components that should not be associated in the same product.

In this sense, the Spanish Medicines Agency considers that, after studying the composition of these products, although they do not entail danger to health, the relevant legislation indicates that Products that include these two ingredients should not be sold.

The ingredients are the triethanolamine (which acts on the PH of the skin) and the bronopol (a preservative), which when combined in the same product produce nitrosamine, A substance inducing cancerous tumors It only causes risks if there is a long exposure to it.

However, the own GNI has indicated that in the 11 creams and lotions the nitrosamine was not generated, reason why the risk for the people who have used them have been null.

What are the recalled products?

  • Nutritious body deliplus with olive oil.
  • Deliplus nourishing hand cream.
  • Body moisturizer with aloe.
  • Deliplus body moisturizer luminosity effect.
  • Deliplus body moisturizing firming.
  • Deliplus anti-aging moisturizer for feet.
  • Nutritious body deliplus with almonds.
  • Deliplus body moisturizing atopic skins.
  • Solcare moisturizing after sun lotion.
  • Solcare lotion after sun luminosity.
  • Solcare gel after sun aloe vera.

What do I do if I have the products?

Mercadona has announced that will return the money or change the products that have been removed from the market by new ones.

However, the Spanish Medicines Agency itself announced in a statement that the company has proceeded to the reformulation of the products and their replacement, so that At present there are no units of the products with the formula withdrawn.

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