Milk with gofio: the traditional and nutritious breakfast of the Canary Islands

If you read us from the wonderful and almost paradisiacal Canary Islands it is quite likely that you have enjoyed the gofio, that particular and delicious food, with a characteristic flavor and an unmistakable aroma. And, more specifically, that you have even enjoyed this nutritious recipe, whether at breakfast, at lunch or even at dinner.

And is that the milk with gofio it becomes the quintessential breakfast of the Canary Islands; in almost a tradition that, although nowadays it lasts in many houses, it has been lost because other options have been gaining positions, as for example it could be the case of breakfast cerealsor the equally traditional cookies.

However, it is quite likely that even today you still enjoy this breakfast prepared by our grandmothers or our own mothers when we were little. Perhaps, is there a simpler option to prepare, and above all, so nutritious ?.

What is milk with gofio? What does it consist of?

As its name indicates, milk with gofio is nothing more than milk to which gofio is added, either in enough quantity to thicken it or simply to take it (after removing it well and properly).

In the past, when this breakfast was consumed directly in the farms that we found in many houses after milking the cow or the goat, it was common to consume it with Cow milk or with goat's milk. However, nowadays it is also usual to take it with some vegetable drink(as is the case with oat milk, soy milk, rice milk or almond milk).

In fact, I still remember when I was little and tried directly in a barn a bowl of fresh milk from freshly milked cow, warm and frothy, to which 3 or 4 tablespoons of gofio and a little sugar had been added.

It was simply the best breakfast I had ever tasted. That was the common thing decades ago, enjoy nutritious breakfasts of completely natural foods and obtained at home. But, fortunately, even many of our grandparents - and even their own grandchildren - keep many of these traditions alive.

And what is gofio? Precisely as we have already explained to you in many moments, Gofio is a food made from roasted cereal flour, thus becoming a wonderful mixture of roasted and ground beans later to the stone, to which a little salt is commonly added.

Its appearance is quite similar to that of common flour, but its color tends to be darker. In fact, did you know that both the composition used in its preparation and the toasted fat is what makes its color vary? Thus, we can find gofio with darker or more yellowish tones.

In general, gofio is made from wheat or millo, although nowadays it is possible to find ourselves in the market with suggestive and equally nutritious bets, such as, for example, the case of oatmeal gofio or of Spelled gofio, delicious options for those who want to try different flavors or for those who already consume these cereals (for example, they are very common and usual in vegetarian or vegan diets).

How to prepare milk with gofio to enjoy a good breakfast

As you can see, the preparation of this breakfast is very simple and easy. It has practically no complications.

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 bowl of milk (cow, goat, or any vegetable drink that you like)
  • 3 or 4 tablespoons of gofio of millet or wheat (choose the amount and type to taste)
  • Sugar or panela (I prefer panela to be more nutritious)

Preparation of milk with gofio:

  1. Heat the milk a little, although if you like it you can also consume it cold (ideal for example during the summer months).
  2. Serve the milk in a cup or bowl and add the amount of gofio you prefer.
  3. Stir and stir well with the help of a spoon, to avoid lumps (you are not the first to choke when eating gofio, I warn you that it is a nutritious and delicious but somewhat tricky food).
  4. Sweeten to taste and stir again.
  5. Ready! You can now enjoy your breakfast or milk snack with gofio.

What are the benefits of milk with gofio?

As you can imagine, we have an extremely nutritious and beneficial breakfast or snack. Here we highlight what are its most important benefits and properties:

  • A nutritious drink:While milk is a very complete food full of good quality proteins, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, gofio also stands out for its great nutritional contribution. For example, gofio is very rich in vitamins of group B, C, A and D, and also provides healthy fatty acids, amino acids and calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium and zinc.
  • Good for cardiovascular health:Especially if we opt for skim milk or semi-skimmed milk, the qualities of this drink together with the presence of gofio, make it an ideal option for our cardiovascular health. In fact, did you know that a study found that the gofio is good for the heart?.
  • Ideal to improve intestinal transit:Gofio is a food with interesting amounts of dietary fiber, being ideal when it comes to preventing constipation and improving transit.
  • Low in fat:Believe it or not, gofio is a low fat food. Therefore, it is an ideal option at any time of the day, although always and when you opt for dairy with low fat content.

This article is dedicated to all Canarian mothers and grandmothers (and also to our parents and grandparents), who have loved and cared so much, and who have always fought for each and every one of the Canarian traditions, so that they never fall into the I forget. ThemesBreakfast Recipes of the Canaries Recipes for breakfast

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