Mix alcohol with energy drinks

It is common that, when we go out to party, many people opt for consume alcoholic beverages. But it is also true that, in recent years, it has become fashionable mix alcohol with energy drinks, since its effect is much more different than mixing alcohol with any other soft drink.

It is a widespread practice by many young people every weekend, since it becomes a good option to stimulate our body and thus endure more hours.

But just as we can find with certain risks of energy drinks, these risks increase when we are faced with a mixture of this type.

Is mixing energy drinks with alcohol bad?

Evidently we are facing a positive response. And not only is it bad, but it can even pose a serious risk to the health of the person who mixes both beverages.

We must keep in mind that Energy drinks stimulate our body by exciting it and keeping it active, acting on the heart stimulating it.

Alcoholic beverages also help to maintain a certain state of euphoria, but with the difference that when we have consumed too much, our organism tends to produce a depressive effect as a warning symptom to warn us that we should not continue taking more.

However, if we take into account that both caffeine and the rest of the stimulants conceal this effect, it is usual to consume more alcohol, and in turn more energy drinks.

Risks of mixing alcohol with energy drinks

  • When ingesting greater amounts of alcohol, increases the risk of suffering from problems derived from this excessive consumption, such as: liver diseases, cirrhosis and fatty liver, among others.
  • The acceleration of the cardiac rhythm can lead to cardiovascular disorders and arrhythmias.
  • Since alcohol relaxes the heart and energy drinks stimulate it, a collapse can occur.

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