Mobile phones DO harm male fertility

Does the mobile phone really affect the fertility of man? According to a recent study, yes, especially if it is in the pocket of the pants.

You probably know that we are facing one of the most controversial issues and that more myths, beliefs and questions have arisen over the last few years after the appearance of the mobile phone and the habit of many men to bring it close to its noble parts (for example, in the pockets of his pants).

As we have learned after the publication of a new study conducted by the University of Exeter, in the United Kingdom, and which has been published in the specialized edition 'Environment International', men who carry their mobile phone in their pants pocket could be harmed their chances of having children, since this type of device yes they seem to affect male fertility, in a negative way.

On this occasion, a team from the University of Exeter carried out a systematic review of the results of ten studies carried out in previous years, which included a total of 1,492 samples, to clarify the potential and negative role it would have over male fertility this type of environmental exposure.

The participants in the analyzes came from fertility clinics and research centers, and the quality of their sperm was measured in three different ways: motility, viability and concentration.

In the control groups, between 50 and 85% of the sperm showed normal movement. However, this proportion was reduced by an average of 8 percentage points when there was exposure to mobile phones, with the same consequences for the viability of the sperm, while the sperm concentration was less clear.

I mean, apparently placing the mobile phone in the pocket of the pants would adversely affect the normal movement and the viability of the sperm, this negative effect on concentration is not so clear.

According to the researchers, Exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone in the pockets of the pants negatively affects the quality of the sperm.

New studies confirm it

In addition to the indicated study, we have recently known the results of a research carried out by a team from the Carmen Medical Center and the Technion Center in Haifa (Israel), published in the specialized scientific journal 'Reproductive BioMedicine Online'.

In the research they analyzed the references of 106 men, from the access to demographic data, taking into account how they used the telephone, and also studied the quality of their sperm.

According to the results obtained, carrying the mobile phone near the groin would damage male fertility, when revealed that semen quality was reduced to levels that could cause infertility, particularly in those men who had the habit of carrying their mobile phones half a meter or less away from the groin.

On the other hand, scientists from the University of Newcastle (Australia) have published an analysis collected by the British newspaper The Daily Mail, in which they analyze the effect of non-ionizing radiation on sperm production.

In this new study they analyzed the sperm samples of 1492 men, demonstrating that exposure to radiation emitted by mobile phones is associated with a 8% reduction in mobility and 9% in its effectiveness to conceive.

Quality issue

The quality of a man's sperm is measured above all by analyzing three basic issues:

  • Motility: Sperm capacity to move properly towards the ovule.
  • Viability: Proportion of live sperm.
  • Concentration: Number of sperm per unit of semen.
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