Mucilages: benefits and properties

When we talk about seaweed like the agar-agar, or of foods as healthy from a dietary and nutritional point of view as green beans, figs or celery these stand out precisely because of their high content in mucilage.

The mucilage they are a type of Soluble fiber which we find in a wide variety of foods: from plants such as borage to fruits such as figs or lemons, to pulses such as green beans and nuts such as almonds.

Although undoubtedly, as we mentioned at the beginning of this entry, a seaweed so consumed dome agar stands out precisely for being one of the foods richest in mucilage.

Benefits of mucilage

Virtues against high cholesterol

The mucilage is a soluble fiber especially recommended in cases of high cholesterol and triglycerides, because it forms a kind of gel whose main virtue is to catch cholesterol, preventing it from passing through the bloodstream.

Beneficial against constipation

As you know, one of the most important benefits of soluble fiber goes through its virtues to prevent or treat constipation.

Precisely for this reason, soluble fiber stands out for helping regulate intestinal transit. Benefits that joins the hypocholesterolemic virtues that we indicated previously.

Useful in the elimination of toxins

Thanks to the fact that it helps regulate intestinal transit, it is essential to help our body to expel the different fecal and toxic residues that accumulate.

This waste tends to increase the risk of cancer, hence its optimal elimination is essential.

Good for people with diabetes

Another of its important advantages happens because the mucilages are useful to stabilize the levels of sugar in the blood. Therefore, it is interesting to include foods rich in mucilage in the diabetic diet.

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