Natural laxatives useful for going to the bathroom

The constipation It is a malaise that many people suffer on a daily basis, whether due to something occasional such as imbalances in nutrition, or that it is a chronic situation. Although it seems a minor issue, it is really something that generates a lot of discomfort and even pain. To remedy this it is not necessary to resort to medicines, since there are many foods that work wonderfully like natural laxatives.

As is logical, our body can present certain variations in its functioning and intestinal functions are an example of this. For that reason you do not have to resort to laxatives - natural or not - so slightly, before you have to take certain things into account.

What doctors consider as expected is that a person can have an evacuation every three days. Therefore, when talking about a situation of constipation, we have to be going through the 4 days of not being able to evacuate.

Another factor that can indicate problems of constipation, in addition to the frequency as we said before, is that going to the bathroom represents a great pain or general malaise in the person. It is also a worrying sign to go through episodes of constipation followed by diarrhea.

Foods that act as natural laxatives

The general rule for a diet that favors intestinal transit is to incorporate foods rich in fibers or with bioactives, as in the case of yoghurts, which is a favorite of the intestinal flora. With natural laxatives you can help to regularize the evacuations and this is a simpler job.

Here we leave you some tips that you can put into practice with foods and herbs with natural laxative properties.

Apple juice with olive oil

Did you know The juice of Apple acts as a wonderful gentle laxative? The amount you need is half a cup, for this you calculate that you will probably need two apples, depending on their size.

Then the other half cup will be with olive oil. You mix a little and you must take all the preparation, or a cup, at night before going to bed. It may seem somewhat unappetizing but it serves as a mild laxative and also easy to prepare.

Plum water

Another very good food is the plum, and more specifically the one known as plum water. You have to boil six of them next to a cup and a half of water and then let it rest all night.

When you get up in the morning you should go through a sieve to remove the pieces and add a spoonful of honey. You drink the juice of plums and honey on an empty stomach and then the fruits that have been left can be eaten during the rest of the day.


The onion It is also a good ally to overcome these problems of constipation. Consuming it raw will allow you to activate the secretion of gastric juices and will be of help for the development of the intestinal flora, so important in the functioning of our digestive system.

It will also help you stimulate the functioning of other very important organs such as your liver, your stomach, your gallbladder and your pancreas. It is also very rich, so you should not miss your meals.

Medicinal plants useful as laxatives

In addition to the foods and natural remedies that we have proposed in the previous lines there are also certain plants and equally natural herbs with laxative benefits.

The most useful are the following:

  • Sen: Senna is a shrub whose leaves and fruits act as a mild laxative. However, this laxative effect tends to be much smoother if its fruits are consumed instead of its leaves. It helps not only against constipation but also is useful to clean the intestine naturally.
  • Mallow: We are facing a beautiful plant with interesting laxative qualities, especially when it is consumed as a decoction. To enjoy these benefits you should prepare a cup of mauve decoction, and drink three cups a day until the constipation improves.
  • Nettle: although in reality it is less known for this quality, the truth is that the nettle acts as a mild laxative, becoming a good remedy to prevent or relieve not only constipation but also hemorrhoids.
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