Natural refreshments for summer

Now that summer is approaching, or that - better said - the heat is starting to tighten, it is a very good idea to keep in mind some interesting patterns or habits when it comes to reduce the heat.

In addition to the guidelines that we already indicated in a previous article on how to enjoy a summer healthy, there's no doubt heat is one of the main enemies of summer.

A good option when mitigating it is to take certain precautions and perform certain habits, such as stay in the shade, opt for fresh dishes Y cool off in the water every so often.

However, we must not forget a fundamental question: we should drink a lot of liquid. But any liquid is not enough, given that if we want to enjoy healthy nutrition (even more in summer), it is clear that it is best to opt for fresh water, natural juices and beer without alcohol.

The sugary sodas They are not recommended at all, given that in addition to not providing us with any type of essential nutrients for our body, not only do they not quench our thirst but they also add calories to our diet.

An ideal option is to change these sugary soft drinks for the natural soda that we propose to you next.

Natural soft drinks: ideal drinks that refresh

Lemonade recipe

Main ingredients

  • 2 lemons
  • Water
  • Sweetener

Steps to make lemonade

1) Squeeze the juice of two lemons.

2) Mix it with water and a little sweetener, which will replace the sugar.

3) Add ice and put it in the fridge.

Natural granitas

Main ingredients

  • Natural fruit juice
  • Crushed ice

Steps to make natural slush

1) Obtain, through liquefied, the juice of the fruits that you like the most.

2) Add a handful of crushed ice and mix.

3) You can substitute fruits for coffee.

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Fresh Watermelon Lemonade Recipe ~ Summer Drinks! (October 2020)