Natural remedies to improve the symptoms of congested nose

The stuffy nose or stuffy nose It occurs when the tissues that line the nose become inflamed, thus causing the air can not pass through the nose. Having a stuffy nose is quite annoying and uncomfortable especially at night when we are getting ready to sleep, so it is advisable to lie down with your head slightly raised.

The nose can also be blocked by excess mucus as a result of a congestion by a cold, cold, flu, allergic rhinitis, allergies, nasal polyps and most of the time its origin is viral.

To improve the symptoms of the stuffy nose it is advisable to try to dilute the mucus to be able to sound well and clear the sinuses, relieve symptoms and air circulating well through the nose.

To dilute the mucus from the nose we can resort to a mild saline spray (saline), which can be obtained at the pharmacy. The aerosol has the particularity that when it is spray it moistens the entire nose even reaching the high parts. We can apply it 3 or 4 times a day or every time we notice that we need it to sound and clear our nose.

If we do not have an aerosol available, we can resort to a home remedy by preparing our homemade physiological saline in the following way.

How to make homemade saline

To prepare the homemade physiological saline, we need a cup of warm mineral water, half a teaspoon of salt, the tip of a teaspoon of baking soda. We stir well to dissolve the solution and put the serum in a sterile glass container and provided with beads.

We can also use a sterilized container and provided with spray or a rubber bulb.

On the other hand, the natural remedies that we detail below are simple to prepare and will help us to clear the nose.

5 natural remedies for clogged or congested nose

They are natural remedies to prepare vapors with different herbs and medicinal plants and with the appropriate properties to improve the symptoms.

The vapors are a traditional and ancient method that since ancient times are prepared to clear the clogged nose.

Water and salt fumes

We put water to heat in a heater with two tablespoons of coarse or marine salt.

When it starts to boil we put out the fire and cover it.

We cover our heads with a towel, uncover the heater and approach carefully not to burn ourselves to inhale the steam for 8 or 10 minutes before going to bed.

Lavender vapors

In a heater we put mineral water to boil. When it is boiling add two tablespoons of lavender.

Let boil 3 minutes. We put out the fire, we bend carefully not to burn ourselves and we cover our heads with a towel.

Inhale, breathing deeply for 10 minutes. Lavender vapors can be made 2 times a day.

Eyebright fumes

To prepare vapors with eyebright we need to prepare an infusion in the following way.

We put 200 ml. of mineral water to boil and when it starts to boil add 40 gr. of eyebright.

Let boil 3 minutes, cover the infusion. We cover our heads with a towel, bend over and unclog the heater to inhale the steam. We breathe deeply the steam during 10 minutes.

We can repeat the eyebright fumes twice a day.

Mint essential oil vapors

Peppermint essential oil has decongestive, anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for decongesting the nose.

To prepare the vapors with essential oil of mint we need a cauldron with water that we will put to boil and once it is boiling add 2 drops of essential oil of mint.

We covered the cauldron and covered our heads with a towel, we bowed carefully not to burn ourselves.

We uncovered the cauldron and inhaled the steam for 8 or 10 minutes. The mists of peppermint essential oil are advisable to do before going to bed.

Apple vinegar fumes

Vinegar comes in handy to relieve nasal congestion. We boil water in a heater and once it is boiling add two tablespoons of vinegar. We covered the heater and covered our heads with a towel.

We approached with care not to burn ourselves, uncovered the heater and inhaled the vinegar vapor.

Other habits that we can carry out that also help us to decongest the nose, is to take hot baths or showers and to inhale the steam while we enjoy the bath or the shower, the steam will make the mucus dilute, that will help us to clear the nose.

Keep well hydrated, take at least 1.5 or two liters of water.

Take infusions of herbs and medicinal plants that will help us to decongest the nose like, mint, rosemary, thyme. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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