Natural supplements for autumn

In a previous article we explained when is the beginning of autumn, which, precisely, will take place next Thursday September 23, more specifically at 5h 9m (official Spanish time).

There is no doubt that the autumn It is one of those important stations, mainly for a basic issue: it is characterized by the passage from a hot season (where we have rested and enjoyed the sun, like summer), to a much colder one, so that later it arrives winter.

Due to the change of season, and above all to the hourly change, which causes a reduction in the hours of light, many people can suffer the so-called autumnal depression.

Reason why it is more than advisable to choose to know what care for autumn We can continue every day. In this sense, they highlight precisely the natural supplements, which will not only help us increase our defenses, but also keep us physically and mentally healthy now that the cold seasons of the year begin.

Natural supplements for autumn

  • Propolis: It is a food made by bees, which is one of the most appropriate and best defenses not only for the throat, but also against the flu and colds. You can find it in capsules or in propolis extract (in drops).
  • Echinacea: It has the particularity that it helps to increase the natural defenses of the organism, preventing the appearance of the typical autumn and winter diseases, as is the case of the cold or the flu. You can take it in capsules or in the form of an infusion (infusion of echinacea).
  • Vitamin C: It is known that vitamin C, which we find in citrus fruits and other foods, helps to increase the defenses when we have them somewhat low. A good idea is to enjoy the benefits of orange juice.
  • Zinc: Helps to strengthen the body's defenses, in addition to accelerating the fight against influenza viruses.
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids: We find them in blue fish, an extremely beneficial food. They exert an anti-inflammatory action on sore joints, a problem that, as you surely know, tends to be aggravated by moisture.
  • Royal jelly: Helps maintain a good state not only physical but mental, as it provides essential nutrients for the body.
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