Natural sweeteners for diabetics

The diabetes It has become a disease that affects a greater number of people every year in practically the whole world, especially in the most developed or industrialized countries.

It is characterized as a syndrome of metabolism in which there is an increase in blood glucose, ie hyperglycemia, produced in turn by a lack or partial or total decrease in the secretion or action of a hormone, Insulin, which is produced by the pancreas.

Since people with diabetes must take care of their nutrition, maintaining an adequate diet that prevents the sharp rise in blood glucose peaks (know more about the high glucose), it is essential to avoid all those foods or products with a high glycemic index.

The glycemic index it is characterized as the relationship between the area of ​​the absorption curve of the intake of 50 gr. of pure glucose over time (especially in hours), with that obtained by ingesting the same amount of that food (you have more information in the Nutrition and Nutritional Guide of the UNED).

As we can imagine, this is an extremely important index for those people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, since -as we indicated earlier- they must avoid the rapid rises in blood glucose.

Regarding the food or nutrition that diabetics must follow every day, we have a common problem that many of them face, especially in the first months after diagnosis: what sweetener to choose for the foods?.

Natural sweeteners for people with diabetes

Most of the sweeteners consumed every day by many people are characterized by containing a glycemic index tremendously high, which constitutes a real danger to your health. White sugar is a good example of this (besides being characterized as a product rich in empty calories).

Therefore, these people should avoid the consumption of sweeteners such as white or brown sugar (although healthier, it is also caloric), natural products such as honey or cane molasses.

A good option, with regard to the consumption of sweeteners or sweeteners recommended for diabetics, we met with:

  • Saccharin (E-954): It is one of the most popular sweeteners, due above all to its tremendous sweetening power.
  • Aspartame: It is another of the most consumed sweeteners among diabetics, but less than saccharin.

Natural sweeteners for diabetics

However, if what the person wants is to always opt for 100% natural sweeteners recommended for diabetics, the best options are the agave syrup wave sweet grass.

The agave syrup It is obtained from the nectar of the cactus by fermentation, is extremely rich in fructose (around 85%) and has a very low glycemic index. As a curiosity, indicate that it has a sweetening power greater than sugar.

The sweet grass (or stevia rebaudiana) is a plant with a certainly interesting sweetening power, in addition to a good number of properties and benefits: it is antacid, helps to eliminate fats and to lower the levels of high blood pressure, facilitates digestion and helps against fatigue. Also, we must not forget that it is able to regulate blood glucose levels.

Image | Uwe Hermann This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

Healthy Ways to Sweeten Your Food (May 2023)