Natural tips to treat sunburn

Although more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of using sunscreens or sunscreen when it comes to protecting their skin from the sun, there are still many who use them incorrectly or who actually apply them to a single skin. once in the day There are even those who continue without wearing them, with the obvious risks that this implies: our skin burns more easily, which in turn increases the risk of suffering some type of skin cancer in the near future.

Did you know that preventing sunburn is actually very simple? It is enough to use a suitable sunscreen according to our phototype and characteristics of our skin, and apply it properly as many times as necessary every time we take the sun. But despite this, the problem every year is evident: Many people continue to be burned by the action of the sun's rays.

When our skin has burned, the symptoms are as clear as they are obvious: red and sensitive skin, which feels warm to the touch and that rubbing with clothes or hands can hurt. Blisters may also appear hours or days after we have burned, and the so-called "solar allergy" appears, causing skin rash, fever, nausea and chills. Then our skin tends to "peel".

Although the most important thing is prevention, and prevent precisely that our skin is burned, if in the end you have let your guard down or you have not protected yourself properly there are some Useful natural tips to treat and relieve sunburn.

Some useful tips if your skin has burned by the sun

1. Hydrate yourself correctly both inside and outside

Hydration is important for our body, even more so during the days when we sunbathe because it is the only way to replace the fluids lost by sweat. It is essential not only for the proper functioning of our body, but also for the health of our skin.

Even more, if you use cold water and you soak the skin with it, you will be able to calm and refresh the sunburn caused by the sun, which will calm the annoying burning sensation.

2. Use lotions after sun

Popularly known as aftersun, it's advisable opt for lotions for after sunbathing, even though you have not burned yourself, as they will provide hydration and moisture, acting as a wonderful pain and pain reliever.

3. Apply aloe vera natural

Aloe vera is one of the most recommended natural options to calm the pain and burning caused by sunburn, besides being very useful because it acts as a refreshing and improves and accelerates the healing process.

To obtain the natural aloe vera juice you only need to have an aloe vera plant at home and cut a little of its leaves, letting it stand in one step to get all its juice. Then apply it on the area of ​​skin where you have burned.

4. Refreshing yogurt

Yogurt can help positively when cooling and cooling skin burned by the sun, especially when it is used directly from the refrigerator. Of course, it is necessary that the yogurt is natural, does not contain additives or sugars.

To apply it on the skin just put the natural yogurt in a bowl, stir it a little with a wooden spoon and put some of it on your fingers, to apply it to the areas where you have burned. Let it act for 15 minutes, and then remove with cold water.

5. Milk compresses

Like yogurt, soaking a compress in cold milk is a traditional refreshing remedy very interesting. You just have to put some cold milk in a glass and soak a compress, until it moistens well. Then place it in the areas of the skin where you have burned, and let it act for 14 minutes.

If you wish you can substitute animal milk for some vegetable drink, for example rice milk or oat milk.

6. Vinegar: soothing and antiseptic

Did you know that the Apple vinager Act like Soothing and antiseptic? For this reason it is also interesting to apply it on sunburned skin, because practically at the moment it will help you to feel how the burning and pain diminishes.

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How To Treat Sunburn (June 2024)